Aaron North Selling NIN touring gear

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Aaron north is selling some of the Equipment used when touring with NIN, i was going to hold off posting this untill i was asured that i would get a particular item (sorry gotta look out for numero uno) but as it turns out it was already sold sad smiley

Well the equipment varies between pedals, guitar cases and a few guitars, it seems that he is using the money to fix up his recording studio which is in the shitter so heres a post made by him through his current band's myspace "Jubilee"


Here’s the skinny… I’m selling a bunch of my guitars, effects pedals, road cases, etc, that I used while I was playing in Nails. You can check out photos of some of the stuff in our Myspace photo section here:

If you’re seriously interested, you can get your hands on this stuff right now at a great music shop in LA called FUTURE MUSIC. You can find out where they're at, etc, here:
Or call them at: (323) 344-0029

For those of you elsewhere that might be interested, you can contact the store directly for more details, and they can even arrange things such as shipping. Please, DON'T ask us about prices on this stuff here... Call or email the store. Their contact info is provided on their website linked above.

And yes… ALL of this stuff was actually used and played on stage with NIN. I suppose the best point of reference I could use for this equipment would be the “Beside You In Time” DVD? So I’ll try my best here to figure out what was used on which song er whatever. Be warned though… If you’re looking for pristine, brand new musical gear, then this stuff isn’t for you. The bloodstains, loogies, dents, and scratches are all over these things. BUT… All of it is in 100% perfect working condition. So yeah, I’m “cleaning house” here for a couple of reasons:

1) We’re trying to scrounge up enough dough to properly repair our studio, Shabbey Road. Our roof has suffered MAJOR water damage, we have a slew of electrical problems which only get worse by the day, and the second floor is basically on the brink of collapsing. A major hurdle in even starting the repairs, is clearing away the massive amount of musical equipment crammed so tightly into our little studio. As of now, we can hardly even wade our way into the areas in need of repair.

2) At this point, we simply just have wayyyy too much stuff… It's just not practical. And, we don’t have enough room to store it all anymore, nor do I find the need to own 4 copies of the exact same guitar, pedal, etc

So if you’re wondering, “Why would you want to get rid of all this stuff? It obviously must be kinda crappy then.” Well, let me try to explain… When I started playing guitar for Nails a few years back, I suddenly found myself in a peculiar situation I never would’ve imagined being in. Like a kid in a candy store, I was basically told: “Pick out as many guitars, amps, pedals, etc that you are going to need, and we’ll get all of it for you.” Initially I thought, “Cool, I’ll get a couple free guitars and pedals out of this.” Then, after picking out a handful of things, and thinking I’d ALREADY gotten away with murder, I was told that I still hadn’t even BARELY picked out enough equipment. Cos apparently, besides the guitars and pedals to cover all the different sorts of sounds and tones I was aiming for… There were also an extensive amount of alternate tunings for many of the songs… All of which required their own individual guitars. As if that didn’t seem ridiculous enough… I was also told that only one set of all this equipment wouldn’t be adequate… I would need an entire set of duplicates for an identical SECOND “rig” to alternate with the original. As my brain was still trying to register all of this, I was told that even another identical “backup rig”… A THIRD… Would be needed (in case of an “emergency”). Not to mention that many other things, such as certain pedals, required even more duplicates. As the tours kept rolling, the more equipment kept strolling in… Often due to the lengths I’d go to entertain myself… Such as seeing how much of it I could possibly destroy.

Fast forward to the present day… And it’s just completely ridiculous and unnecessary for me to own or store for example 4 identical Hagstrom "Swede" guitars, 5 Z-Vex Octane pedals, etc. Sooooo… After recently setting aside all the stuff I still actually use… The rest of it is now up for grabs. Again… Not because any of it is inferior to what I’m keeping… But because I just don’t need guitars sitting in dusty cases I know I’ll never open again. Word?

So here is a listing of some of the stuff I’m selling over at Future Music, with as much technical and background info I can possibly provide or remember. And again, since everything was constantly being played in rotation from night to night, all of this gear saw plenty of action on the front lines, and circled the globe with us quite a few times.

Hagstrom “Swede” guitar - Black

I used this model of Hagstrom guitars quite a bit with Nails. The couple of Black “Swede” models I had out on the road were designated as those for “Drop D” tuning. I used these on a ton of songs… “The Wretched”, “Eraser”, “Reptile”, “Burn”… This particular guitar, is the specific one I’m playing in “Somewhat Damaged” on the “Beside You In Time” DVD, and even on there in the song “Beside You In Time”.
Specificationsmoody smiley
[ Body ] 45mm Mahogany Body with 10mm Carved Mahogany Top
[ Neck ] Set Mahogany Neck
[ Fingerboard ] Resinator Fretboard with Hagstrom Pearl Block Position Marks
[ Truss Rod ] H-Expander Truss Rod
[ Tuning Keys ] Hagstrom 18:1 Die Cast Tuners
[ Scale Length ] 24.75” Scale
[ Pickups ] 2x Hagstrom Custom 58 Humbuckers
[ Pickup Selector ] 3-Way Toggle
[ Bridge ] Long Travel Tune-O-Matic with Hagstrom Stop Tail Piece and 6 Individual Brass String Blocks
[ Controls ] 2x Volume / 2x Tone / 3-Way Tone Filter Toggle (center bypass)

Hagstrom “F200P” guitar – White

This was one of the smaller guitars with a P-90 style pickup that I used for songs where the tuning was down half a step, or even down half a step and then drop-tuned. This guitar saw a lot of action on songs such as “Closer”, “Getting Smaller”, and “Piggy”. This particular guitar, is the exact same one I’m seen playing first on the “Beside You In Time” DVD in “Love Is Not Enough”.
Specificationsmoody smiley
[ Body ] 45mm Contoured Mahogany Body
[ Neck ] Set Nato Neck
[ Fingerboard ] Resinator Fretboard with Hagstrom 6mm Dot Position Marks
[ Truss Rod ] H-Expander Truss Rod
[ Tuning Keys ] Hagstrom 18:1 Die Cast Tuners
[ Scale Length ] 24.75” Scale
[ Pickups ] 2x Hagstrom H90 Single Coil Pickups
[ Selector ] 3-Way Toggle
[ Bridge ] Hagstrom Full Contact Tremolo FCS-1
[ Controls ] 1x Volume / 1x Tone

Reverend “Club King 290” guitar – GoldTop

This guitar is AWESOME. I got this one after a very memorable experience of having the opportunity to "hang out", and "talk shop" with none other than the late, great Ron Asheton of The Stooges... Somebody I've surely ripped off more than any other. There’s an amazing tone knob on here that can make the guitar produce a massive, chunky humbucker type sound, or even a thinner, twangy Telecaster sound… And everything in between! Seeing as how I was a bit more precious with this guitar than a lot of the others, it wasn’t brought out as much live. So I usually used this one on special occasions. For instance, when we were only recording. This way I knew it wouldn’t end up getting snapped in half. I recall using this guitar when we recorded a bunch of Joy Division covers with Peter Murphy, and also when we did a BBC Radio 1 session in London. I've also used this guitar quite a bit recently with Jubilee… And recorded all of my guitar parts for “Rebel Hiss” for instance with it.
Specificationsmoody smiley
[ Body ] Semi-hollow with 5.5 mm solid spruce top on korina, and 'shooting star' f-hole. Black back and sides with cream binding. ?19-1/4" x 14-3/4" x 1-3/4".
[ Neck ] Bolt-on, maple, amber tinted satin finish
[ Fingerboard ] Rosewood, 12" radius
[ Truss Rod ] Dual-action, access at headstock
[ Tuning Keys ] Reverend Pin Lock Tuners
[ Scale Length ] 25-1/2" Scale
[ Pickups ] Two Reverend P90's, output/tone calibrated for each position, Hum cancelling when combined.
[ Selector ] 3-Way
[ Bridge ] Stop tail
[ Controls ] Custom Volume & Tone, Bass Contour

VERY LARGE 20 space Rack-Mount case on wheels – Manufactured by Case World

Specificationsmoody smiley
20 rack spaces
1-2 inches of foam
This is one of the cases that housed one of my complete guitar “rigs”. We referred to it as "The Death Star". This thing contained everything that produced my guitar sound. That included the “head” of my amplifier, all of my effects pedals, and the midi brains connected to them so I could trigger them from up on stage. This thing was at every NIN show I was, and saw just as much action as I did… Yet is still in perfect working order, and much better shape than I am. This thing could be used for anything though. Hell, if ya just wanna convert it into a tough little bookshelf that could survive being thrown off a roof… It’s like Burger King here dude, “Have it YOUR way!”

Z-Vex Octane 3 Guitar Pedal

About as over the top of a fuzz pedal you can find… Kinda like an old Octavia, but on steroids. This pedal toured the world with me many times over, yet is still in EXCELLENT working condition. In fact, because like all of my other pedals, again, they were housed in that large rackmount case off-stage, and then switched on and off via midi on my “Ground Control” unit on stage, it looks almost BRAND NEW. It even includes the original box. I used this pedal on many, many songs, including: “Wish” “Only”, “The Hand That Feeds” “Gave Up”, and “Closer” just to name a few. You can also distinctly hear me using this pedal on some old Icarus Line tunes such as “Party The Baby Off”, and “On The Lash”.

Boss DD-3 Delay Guitar Pedal

I actually used two of these live with NIN. One of them was set up as a short delay for a “slapback” effect, and the other as a longer delay. I used this pedal on many, many songs with Nine Inch Nails, including: “Head Like A Hole”, “Terrible Lie”, “Eraser”, “Only”, “Wish”, and “Burn”. I also think I used this on just about every Icarus Line song I can think of. Ha. “Feed A Cat To Your Cobra”, “Spit On It”, “Caviar”… Damn, all of ‘em? I always felt kinda silly for being so devoted to this particular delay, until we did a tour with Bauhaus, and Daniel Ash had the exact same one on his pedal-board, and swore by it too. Actually… Because I’ve always kept the long delay settings in the exact same position for years… Occasionally, when it was time for me to play a “shoegazey/?psych” solo type thing in a Nails song… I’d just play a solo I wrote for The Icarus Line over it, just to keep myself entertained. I think I did that quite often on “The Day The World Went Away”… Just playing my solo for “Getting Bright At Night” on top of it. On other songs, I’d slip in some Love And Rockets, The Stooges, or 13th Floor Elevators parts here and there. Nobody ever seemed to notice or call me on it. Hmmm. Anyway, whatever… This is a cool pedal. Ha.

There’s quite a bit more pedals and stuff of mine for sale over at Future Music right now… But it’d take me another year to describe 'em all. If you wanna know what’s mine, just ask whoever is there what’s what. Or, like I said before, just call them at the number provided on their website. They’re all super cool guys, know a lot about vintage gear, and are easily the most straight up and honest people in this type of business I’ve ever encountered. Over the years, I think I’ve bought at least 4 or 5 guitars from Future Music… A few amps, and dozens of pedals… And I’ve never been screwed, or ripped off. If you live in the LA area, make sure to check their place out, and support ‘em. Did I mention the owner of the place, Jack, was in the band Green On Red? How cool is that?!
- Aaron

Lotsa stuff happening with Jubilee, including an upcoming E.P., and some local live shows. Can’t wait. See ya soon.

If ya ever happened to wonder how I could possibly manage sitting down, and follow through with writing these long-ass updates… It’s usually with the aid of a good soundtrack. As I recall, the last entry was during my intense obsession/?hibernation period spent with the “Neil Young Archives – Volume 1” 10-disc box-set. I think I lost a coupla weeks of my life trapped inside that thing. And don’t waste yer time with the cd version… Ya wanna go for the DVD or Blu-Ray sets. Cos it’s not just about the listed tunes ya only get for instance on the cd version. It’s about them damn “easter eggs” and extras. Like the footage of Neil playing “Mr. Soul” with Stephen Stills at Woodstock, or watching CSNY play “Sea Of Madness” in Big Sur. Muy Killer.

P.ee-P.ee P.eniS.
It wasn’t a coincidence that I happened to churn out this butt-nugget the same day my Beatles box-sets arrived in the mail. Don’t be a retard… Get the MONO version. Most people forget how the bands of this particular era spent their time and energy perfecting the Mono mixes, and then split for a beach somewhere once it was finished, leaving the stereo mix for the studio’s receptionist to handle. That’s cos for awhile back there, NOBODY owned stereo equipment… Just rich old people. It was kinda like the 5.1 mix of it’s day. I can’t, and don’t know ANYBODY else who is capable of listening to a 5.1 mix, do you? Well, actually, get the Mono AND the Stereo sets… It’s THE BEATLES dude. If anybody cruises yer pad, and finds out you have like, 9 “re-mix” box-sets by… Well… ANYBODY, and not even one of these, it’s settled. You don’t like music. Actually, if you own ANY type of “re-mix” record, you probably don’t like music.

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Got it Working Ignore

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