Adam Curtis - 'It Felt Like a Kiss'

07/31/09 10:41 AM

For those interested, here's the new Curtis film from 'It Felt Like a Kiss'.


A fantastic film that presents America's success made through power. The films works to show that the way we feel about anything is a mere political product of our time.



08/30/09 5:30 PM

Unfortunately the streaming is not available outside of UK, but there are channels for accessing it. I consider this to be the most instinctual work done by Curtis, but that also makes it difficult to digest. Pity that I'll never see it as it was intended, as "an olfactory-audiovisual promenade-style theatre production".

Now a silly question. At 42:45 during the movie, you can hear the first seconds from A Warm Place, while onscreen you can read "Doris's Day son met Charles Manson. He offered to produce Manson's songs. One of the songs was called 'Pretty Girl Cease to Exist'". Curtis doesn't mention NIN in his soundtrack for the movie, so are the first 18 seconds from A Warm Place actually sampled from a Charles Manson song? I couldn't find his songs nor this connection, but knowing that Trent recorded the album in the house where the Tate murders occurred...

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