Serial ATA Drive vs. Solid State Drive

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The main difference is old fashioned hard drives(eg SATA) spin and information is accessed in a similar fashion to CDs or records, whereas solid state drives have no moving parts. This means a number of things: SSDs require less power, run cooler and quieter, have quicker access times, and (most importantly to me) are less prone to failure(they're also more physically durable). For all intents and purposes(that i've found), they are superior to older drives, though they're obviously considerably more expensive, and their size capacities are still quite limited compared to SATA drives.

As for whether it's worth going SSD over SATA for you, i'd consider a couple of questions. First, is your Macbook going to be very mobile? Is it going to go everywhere with you, or just sit on a desk? If you're going to be taking it with you everywhere, the added physical durability of an SSD could be a boon; likewise regarding its stability and low failure rate if you're going to be using it for work and keeping important information on it. It would also be weigh less and be less of a drain on your battery. If you're going to be using your Macbook as an entertainment center and doing a lot of file storage(CDs, movies, etc) on it, it would probably be more cost efficient to buy a much larger, cheaper SATA drive.

I still buy primarily SATA drives because they're inexpensive and have much larger capacities, but i also do a lot of file storage and archiving. Once SSD drives can offer a comparable disk sizes at comparable prices(they are moving in that direction), i'll most likely make the switch.


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