PS3/360/Wii to 3DS ports

10/21/10 8:09 AM

With the number of ports to 3DS from console games (Mario Kart, Resident Evil Mercenaries mode, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, Street Fighter 4, etc...), do you think there will be any other ports to the (godly) new handheld announced? Any you'd really like to see portable and in 3D?

Personally, if Capcom remade RE4 and RE5 for 3DS if Revelations and Mercenaries do well, I'd be ecstatic. I'd also like to see a Dead Space port from EA/Visceral maybe, and hopefully Valve will port over (yes, not "down"- "over, cuz the thing's so incredibly powerful for a handheld and can do 360- quality graphics) some of their games- at least Half-Life 2, the episodes, and Portal 1 and 2. I know there's a really small chance of this, but it would be awesome.
I mean, whacking a 3D head crab jumping at you with a 3D crowbar and it feels like it's actually COMING AT YOU? That would be friggen awesome.


10/23/10 11:59 AM

(sorry about the double thread, I think it may be an issue with the iPhone app or something)

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