What is different between gaming computers and normal computers?

06/07/12 10:03 AM

So i was play a lot of games on my Sony Vaio E series and i'v been experiencing lagging sometimes. So i wonder whats so different between a gaming computer and mine cause i was planning to get PC games from gamestop next week but i was worried that the lag might show up. Also what affects the gaming experience on computers? and is the intel (R)Pentium(R) CPU good for games?

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06/07/12 6:14 PM

1st important thing- Processor

Intel is top of the line processors. Always a good thing.
the i series (i3, i5, i7) are the best on the market now.

whenever you're shopping for a computer...one of the most important things to pay attention for (especially for a gaming computer) is the ghz on a processor.

you really don't want anything less than 2.8, really anything less than 3.0 ghz

2nd- The RAM

You want a lot of RAM -- if you're playing anything new and not a bunch of old games..you want at least 6 gigs of RAM. shoot for 8 or higher though.

3rd- Get a good graphics card. This will effect how good the graphics look and the whole gameplay experience.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


06/08/12 6:53 AM

deviddiya posted:
Also what affects the gaming experience on computers?

it's -almost- all about the graphics card but if you have a laptop especially a vaio (that have good buid quality but are very overpriced) you dont have much of a choice


06/14/12 8:07 AM

The processor is just as important as the video card, if not moreso. (Especially with the i- series processors.) I get double the framerate with a better processor and worse graphics card in Diablo 3 on my desktop. I've heard the same from others in CAD applications, but it holds true for gaming as well.

ASUS has some great gaming laptops, if you want a laptop.

Republic of Gamers

I'd recommend the G55VW.

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