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04/21/09 12:03 AM

Here's a spreadsheet made by @gcn1 on Twitter. (That's [twitter.com] for those who haven't joined Twitter yet.)

The frequently updated Google Docs spreadsheet is here: [tra.kz] .

If you post the URL anywhere else please leave the custom URL the same so it's easier to remember and share (as in "http + 'tracks' + [short-hand for "view"]"winking smiley.

Fake and possible fake Twitter accounts are emphasized in the spreadsheet. Anyway this is a pretty big deal!

Why? Because here's a breakdown of the categories:

# Sort/Filter by Artists List
# Record Labels
# Music Bloggers
# Music Biz Contacts
# Music Podcasts
# Music Museums
# Music Web Services
# Artist/Band Services
# Radio Stations
# Music Promoters
# Music Publishers
# Music News
# Music Schools/Colleges
# Music Conferences
# Music Festivals
# DJs
# Record Stores
# Visual Artists
# Music Agencies
# Music Stores
# Tabs and Sheet Music
# Musical Instrument Mfrs
# Comedians

So, yeah, this should be a musicians/producers bible right here.

Gabriel Nijmeh recommends that you e-mail him @ gcn[AT]yahoo[DOT]com if you want to report any fake Twitter accounts or offer to add any useful Twitter music-related accounts.

Hope you have fun w/ this and make some connections. Peace...


04/21/09 2:51 AM

I've just added NIN's designer Rob Sheridan (@rob_sheridan on Twitter). Unfortunately, it accidentally got to the "Artists" page instead of the "Visual Artists" page I was trying to add it in. So, I @ed Gabriel to ask if he could just port that over to the "Visual Artists" section Tuesday morning.

Sorry for the confusion. (And yourwelcome for the addition.)


04/21/09 7:10 AM

Gabriel just moved Rob Sheridan's Twitter to the right category on the music spreadsheet. So it's under "Visual Artists" category now.


04/21/09 11:38 AM

Keep in mind that you can add to Gabriel Nijmeh's [tra.kz] "Musicians-On-Twitter" spreadsheet table. You can only add to the "Artist" page for musician/band listings though. Any listings for other categories will accidentally show up on the "Artists" page.

The best way to make up for this is to list yourself or your/friends band the manual way under "Artists" so it can show up on the spreadsheet, but to request other categorized listings for the spreadsheet to be posted by Gabriel Nijmeh by contacting him at gcn[AT]yahoo[DOT]com. (Remember to include the producer/promoter/DJ/etc. Twitter username, a brief description of what they do, and some other identifiable info for the handful of select readers who may have never heard of them.)

To add a musician manually to [tra.kz] , just click on the alternate tra.kz/z URL listed at the top of the spreadsheet (http://tra.kz/z) and fill in the form fields on that page. Then click on the submit button. Easy!

Please don't abuse the public privileges to expand on this chart. If you do, your I.P. address will be blocked and your I.P. (whether static or dhcp) will be added to recognized blacklists. This would seriously suck. So please keep this spreadsheet going smoothly and securely for the benefit of the entire community. smiling smiley

(By the way, Gabriel said in the future he hopes to make an even more robust Google Doc w/ even better features/inter-operability. Be on the lookout smiling smiley .)


04/21/09 11:56 AM

Oh, and I'd like to TOTALLY THANK everyone who has helped contribute to this list! You guys ROCK!! smileys with beer


04/21/09 8:14 PM

Thanks alot for spreading the word about the Artists on Twitter list. Really appreciate your passion and interest.

The list has grown because of the efforts of so many passionate music fans and a lot of connections and relationships are being established as well.

We are witnessing a flattening of the music industry... direct artist to fan connections. Looking forward to see how things unfold.


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04/25/09 8:28 AM

I'm glad I could help Gabriel.

I have some very trippy opinions that would match your own ones. I was having a beer with an acquaintance one night and mentioned, "There's almost like a 'singer/song-writer' sort of thing going on with music and art and different artists' relationships with the internet. You can even see things preceding that several years before when you had the 'DIY/Behind-The-Scenes' material, set to music, of watching how the guitars and keyboards would be repaired after being smashed at a NIN show."

I also think this is why Kelli Ali's recent "Rocking Horse" album was so similar to a "folk-ey" sound.

Now I believe more of that is winding up and other cultural shifts are forcing a generation, or those who are participating in a generation's timeline, to adapt to other fascinating evolutionary job-building standards.

So, I have a very similar opinion to yours. A lot of the reason for that is because I like independent writers, publishers, musicians, film-makers, and artists; as opposed to the artists that make creative works the easy way.

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