Upcoming Concerts You're Attending
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06/14/11 4:52 PM

09/21 - The Horrors (in Austin, TX)
11/5 - 11/7 - FunFunFun Fest in Austin, TX


06/16/11 2:42 PM

AWOLNATION - August 8th!!!!


Ilan Ruben will be playing at this show with The New Regime. thumbs up

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06/17/11 10:12 AM


October 1st at the House Of Blues.


07/03/11 12:33 PM

death_trip posted:
death_trip posted:
Deftones (maybe) ~ 5/29@ Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts ~ 9/9@ the IP Casino & Spa in Biloxi, MS

And Bonnaroo. I was able to snag a VIP wristband....and the linup looks alright this year.
Best Coast
the Strokes
Girl Talk
Florence & the Machine
Henry Rollins
Cold War Kids
the Walkman
Wanda Jackson with Jack White
the Black Angels
Arcade Fire
the Black Keys
Matt & Kim
Grace Potter & the Notcurnals
Band of Skulls

...muchmuch more

Hank 3 ~ 7/8 @the Exit/In in Nashville, TN
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts ~ 7/12 @the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts ~ 7/13 @the Hard Rock in Tampa, Florida

and anything else I think I might like..I'm a concert nerd. smiling smiley


07/03/11 12:38 PM

bloodflower85 posted:
09/21 - The Horrors (in Austin, TX)
11/5 - 11/7 - FunFunFun Fest in Austin, TX

When I move to Texas, I'm defintely gonna hit the Fun Fun Fun Fest and of course, the PsychFest! smiling smiley smiling smiley


07/03/11 12:42 PM

Oh yeah...and Motley Crue, Poison and the New York Dolls TONIGHT!!!grinning smileygrinning smiley


07/03/11 1:10 PM

July 13th - A Perfect Circle @ Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
July 15th - A Perfect Circle @ Beacon Theater, NYC
July 20th - Clutch @ Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
July 25th - Stone Temple Pilots @ Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn, NY
Sept 8th - TV on the Radio @ Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn, NY


07/04/11 7:55 AM


07/06/11 7:14 PM

August 6 - Flying Lotus
October 15 - Portishead


07/06/11 9:53 PM

July 9 - APC in Toronto
July 29 - The Glitch Mob in Buffalo
July 31 - Bush in Rochester (Hollywood Undead plays earlier that day... vomit)


07/22/11 8:28 AM

August 5th - Iron Maiden (O2 Arena, London)
October 25th - Steven Wilson (Paradiso, Amsterdam)
November - Red Hot Chili Peppers (O2 Arena, London)

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07/22/11 9:58 AM

Katy Perry - August 13th. Don't judge me...


07/22/11 11:54 PM

Pendulum (DJ set) - August 6th.


07/23/11 4:33 PM

Spiritualized - Edinburgh Oct 6th


07/25/11 10:21 PM

Ringworm, Nails, and New Lows - August 5th

THE BIG FOUR at YANKEE STADIUM! - September 14th


07/27/11 12:46 AM

updated :

08/03 - Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours)
08/12 - Dum Dum Girls, The UFO Club, and The Night Beats
09/11 - Butthole Surfers
09/21 - The Horrors
10/29 - Zola Jesus

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08/01/11 9:17 AM

Sep-Opeth / Katatonia
Nov-Foo Fighters
Dec-VNV Nation

Sep-TV on the Radio

Halloween - MoogFest


08/01/11 5:37 PM

Seeing Airbourne, Kyuss Lives!, The Subs and Triggerfinger tomorrow. Should be a fun night.


08/01/11 9:37 PM

Hope to see Opeth and Katatonia in October in Edmonton.

Might see Judas Priest and Black Label Society in November.

Also, might work a Godsmack concert. Doubt it though.


08/02/11 10:12 PM

11/4- 11/6 - FunFunFun Fest : Blonde Redhead, M83, GIRLS, The Damned, Danzig Legacy, Thee Oh Sees, Public Enemy, The Radio Dept. , Boris, Cave In, Four Tet, Henry Rollins, and a bunch of other ppl that I can't remember off the top of my head.


08/04/11 2:45 AM

Skrillex on October 30th. He's gonna harvest some souls before Halloween.


08/07/11 8:05 AM

zombiesatedusty posted:
Ringworm, Nails, and New Lows - August 5th

THE BIG FOUR at YANKEE STADIUM! - September 14th

New Lows were gearing up as we walked in and once they hit the first note, it began to help me work out frustration that had built up over the past week, Nails were okay, and Ringworm killed it. Good show.

I'm so psyched for Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, and Metallica next month that I am having issues containing myself. I've never seen Anthrax nor Megadeth (I've longed to since the 4th grade) and it's been quite some years since Slayer and Metallica have ripped my face off in a live setting. Yankee-fucking-stadium. Jesus Christ.

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08/07/11 2:28 PM

I'm not a fan, but I just won tickets to Black Label Society for tonight. Santiago, Chile


08/08/11 10:29 AM

Deadmau5 in Toronto in November. I'm a little surprised there isn't anything before that that I'm planning on going to. Maybe Ax7 in September?


08/08/11 11:18 PM

Joseph Arthur
Sept. 17
Dallas, TX


08/09/11 1:25 AM

If Pendulum rolls into your city right now that they're touring (well it's just Elhornet and The Verse) do yourself a favor and go. Elhornet really brings the fucking bass!


08/14/11 1:59 AM

Children of Bodom in November. Not sure how many shows I'm doing yet.
And whatever bands that were coming for Soundwave Revolution that I can afford to see, now that the festival has been cancelled. Fucking AJ.


08/14/11 11:05 AM

Dir en grey dec.13th


08/15/11 3:00 AM

Dream On, Dreamer tomorrow night.


08/16/11 8:59 PM

KMFDM, Thursday night at Irving Plaza. Haven't seen em in years; should be fun. Don't know the last time they put out an album- Symbols/BoomDeathBomb is the last one I bought. Doesn't matter; my concert quota for the year has been unacceptablly low; looking forward to getting a good buzz goin and just rocking the fuck out for a while.

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