Twitter accounts subpoened Wikileaks

01/09/11 7:57 PM

information wars.

Does anyone want to comment on the DOJ's, in my opinon, subpoenas in anyone who is associated with Wikileaks through Social Networking?

Is Facebook next?


01/22/11 11:08 AM


01/27/11 8:36 PM

Ahh double post, see below

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01/27/11 8:39 PM

I can't wait till facebook is shut down due to the mass fuck up in the middle east right now. Egypt is gunna get it's government over thrown because of a facebook post. Farm animals.

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01/27/11 11:11 PM

VersesMachine posted:
I can't wait till facebook is shut down due to the mass fuck up in the middle east right now. Egypt is gunna get it's government over thrown because of a facebook post. Farm animals.

what happen between Egypt and facebook?

i don't think facebook will be closed in a long long time. is somehow a psychological drug. i mean, there is people really addicted to it. the definition of hyper text transfer gossiping will have to be added to the informatics books now.

anyway, the picture of above speaks the truth.

i mean, i don't understand, why haven't the people involved in all the war crimes that have been leaked in wikileaks, haven't been judged in the army courts? why haven't the army judged that people? really. wiki leaks rock big time, and its the biggest thing that have happen to journalism in a long time.

the human knowledge belongs to the world. the media talks crap about what is really going on, left and right newspapers just put the limits to the spectrum of what should be talked, and what not. and independent media is just not enough to expose everything that is going on.

i think twitter is a really good tool of journalism. here in my country (mexico, more specifically, in the north frontier), whenever a drug cartel starts a shooting in a near zone of a certain city, the twitters start communicating and they start talking about it, almost immediately. they narrate the history of what is going on, to the world and to the people next door so they have their precautions. its incredible and almost bizarre.

Facebook, by the other hand, is mostly crap. its not a constructive community, its not an artistical community, its not a research community, its not a literature community. Its a shit of a community, and its so well done, that they make you think its all of the previous and more, well, let me tell you they only do that because they need your information to sell it to companies. maybe just not you, you are not that important. but a server uses you like a percentage, of how many people who see the movies you see, listen to the music you listen. just to say.

example, the database tells that 60% people who listen nine inch nails likes fight club and 20%-40% reads Friedrich Nietzsche and George Orwell. And 30% of the people who do this, have an income of 30,000 dollars a year.

The next morning, you will see a mutation of Trent Reznor and a skinhead Brad Pitt in mtv, singing a song the company who buys the information managed to write in a summary, talking about nihilism and dystopian realities.

Just to do a sketch. Its just more complicated than that. But I don't doubt examples as simple as those, happen in real life. With or without the previous merchado-logical study. (i think the word for that is marketing). If people by their own, like to do that, awesome. What really bothers me is the brain-washing business behind it. The fact that right now, they are studying what kind of movies, music and books the people will be more likely to buy. And fill our heads with the propaganda of the summary of who we are. Cause lets face it, whatever the social group we belong, we have lots and lots of things in common and yeah, we are individuals, but let me tell you that the programming code of a data base gives a really big approximation of every each one of your trends based on the sum of everyone else.

The lack of honesty personal-information-selling represents, is disgusting. This particular network, facebook, represent a collective consciousness now, worth of a jungian-freudian psychological study. You think marketing industries haven't figured about this? They have, and they know its a good idea to do some sociological studies of the potential costumers of their product using the facebook database. And you are probably in it.

Next time you are going to "like" something on facebook... think you are contributing in being part of this database. And your precious individuality, is in the risk of being plastified by those corporations
in a near future. Really.

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