Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Dean Birchum Remix) Review

09/05/12 6:28 PM

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Dean Birchum Remix) Review By Dean Birchum

Taylor Alison Swift is the only one country pop star female, win alots of awards of her music career, including billboard awards 2012 for "Woman Of The Year".

Taylor abilities is use Her powerful lyrics about everything she can destroy she dated or relationship with anything around her, is to use her lyrics to write & her instrument acoustic guitar she'd can come up with randomly just in 10 second.
Taylor Swift (Musician / Actress)

In January 2011 before her billboard success before 2012, when I'd have friend request Taylor Swift on facebook & after that? she was okay she just hanging around until? her thousand fans find her of no where & friend her on FB.
I'm not kidding? I was like "Holy F**k?" & after that she'd deleted her account, because There's too many friends on her Facebook account over a million. (That sucks right? But I have the acapella mix anyway after that?)

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (2009) (Display)

On february 2012 when I had the acapella studio version of You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift & I know were to start with the Industrial kick beat & snare & cut it turn into like i'd ever imagine to create like this with the tambourine, I mean that's alot every loops. Including guitar & bass is incredible awesome approach. Taylor's Serious Vocal fit just right with the remix.
My favorite is how it all fit together...


In April 2012 Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Dean Birchum Remix) is release in April 10 2012.
i'd have one comment from other band on twitter said "It sound like trent reznor remix taylor swift?"After that I'd begin to started to laugh my a** off next on there tweet response, after two month making a pretty clever is finding the right match remixes for Taylor Swift Remix project had success & watch it grow...

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Dean Birchum Remix) is now ready to listen, watch on youtube & Download on soundcloud.com!
Enjoy The Taylor Swift Remix? - Dean 9-5-12

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Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Dean Birchum Remix) HD
Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Dean Birchum Remix) Instrumental

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Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Remixed By Dean Birchum)

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