Disgusting - Miranda Cosgrove (Dean Birchum Remix) Review

09/17/12 9:05 PM

Disgusting - Miranda Cosgrove (Dean Birchum Remix) Review By Dean Birchum

In July 2012
A Success Making The Remix Of Miranda Cosgrove Song "Disgusting"
It's Lyrically Goes "It's Disgusting, How I Love you, I Can't Take It, I Should Hate You?
Cause you're messing up my name, Gotta walk my talk my fame, But I just want to touch your face, it's disgusting? It's disgusting how you changed me, From a bandit to a baby, Think I might gotta change my name If I'm gonna walk this walk of shame, Look at what you do to me, It's disgusting?" Until the song breaks down the heavy part like you've ever imagine...

Miranda Cosgrove (Actress / Musician)

In November 2011. Before My Other NIN Remixes is Miranda Cosgrove Remix Project Is First.
Creating The Remix Project Is Not That Easy? I'd used up over 13 layers samples & Instrument Tools & Specially Background Vocal Are Fan Made. Takes myself over 2 hours finding the right remix for miranda & other's.
After That & starting creating a heavy raw aggressive grove is so unrecognizable remix is the best. So accessible to create so industrial, electronica & pop together. Hi-Hats, Electronic Drum, couple snare, electronic bass so deep, heavy six string so unrecognizable.

On facebook I find Miranda Cosgrove Music Page, & i'd send post my remix creation.
Here's Miranda React "Who is Dean Birchum?" She kind of did listen to it.
So after that, miranda have my response & follow me up on twitter while i'm still working on that remix.

Miranda Cosgrove - Sparks Fly (Debut Album Release April 27 2010)
(This is the right track for "Disgusting" & come up something interesting of my industrial remix tools & instrument...)

In July 22 2012 Miranda Cosgrove Remix Project Has Completely Mastered & Finished. It's like anything kind of Pop Rock Remix should sound like. Into pop rock industrial electronica remix

Two month later on September 2012.
On soundcloud.com is crazy? It's twenty one the most download on "Miranda Cosgrove Disgusting Remix" on soundcloud.com (Glad i'd ever thank miranda fans for the first time have the most download content ever yet?) smiling smiley

So check out "Miranda Cosgrove - Disgusting (Dean Birchum Remix)" on soundcloud.com, the remix art cover will be in later soon. & the music is also on youtube.com & Get A remix.nin.com bonus downloadable content link below? Enjoy & that's tonight review? - Dean (9-17-12)

Miranda Cosgrove - Disgusting (Remixed By Dean Birchum) 2012 On soundcloud.com

Miranda Cosgrove - Disgusting (Remixed By Dean Birchum) on remix.nin.com (Note: Can't find on the General Playlist or Search on remix.nin.com?)

Youtube Video:
Miranda Cosgrove - Disgusting (Remixed By Dean Birchum) (2012) (Audio) on Youtube.com

"Bonus Mp3 Downloadable Content Link?"
(Note: this has been a hidden NIN remix from remix.nin.com?)
Hidden Bonus Content (Click Here?)

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