What's YOUR Porn Star Name?
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09/05/08 7:55 PM

Here's how you figure out your Porn Star name...

Your first name is the name of the very first pet you ever had, and your last name is the very first street you grew up on.

So, mine would be Miss Kitty Howard winking smiley


09/05/08 7:46 PM

Scratchy Maple Grove

...appetizing isn't it


09/05/08 8:55 PM

Snuggles Alvernovalley Court

Somehow, mine just doesn't work. I guess I was never meant to be a whoresad smiley lol


09/05/08 8:08 PM

Ginger Thrush

sounds like a condition some penicillin would cure!


09/05/08 8:13 PM

Atlas Downing... LMAO! We did this at work during lunch the other day!

spinning smiley sticking its tongue out


09/05/08 8:32 PM

Blue Oakland ........ hmmm. thumbs down


09/05/08 9:36 PM

Louie Halladay.

...sounds like a bookie or an accountant. confused smiley


09/05/08 8:42 PM

Morgan Jenny Ann.

I think it works alot better the other way around. Jeny Ann Morgan. There, now I'm a redneck pornstar.


09/05/08 9:51 PM

Max Parkhouse.

Could work I guess. Maybe.


09/05/08 8:55 PM

Sparky Aspen

I don't think it would work...at all.


09/05/08 9:04 PM

Roofie Old Hen


09/05/08 9:05 PM

Mulligan Comet. I'd rather it was Sparky Aspen.


09/05/08 9:06 PM

Stuart Edgar smiling smiley

But, Koukla Brown sounds better.


09/05/08 10:26 PM

Wolfie Woodstock.... hmmm... maybe for a dude... which I'm not!


09/05/08 9:27 PM

Kelli hurley................god damn it i keep tellin ya......... tongue sticking out smiley


09/05/08 10:28 PM

Biscuit North. (No relation to Peter North.)tongue sticking out smiley


09/05/08 11:35 PM

Hambone 104 ....LOL


09/05/08 11:49 PM

Griffin Minnehaha


09/05/08 11:57 PM

Homey Morehouse?


09/05/08 11:20 PM

well i never had a pet but heard you can use your middle name and the city you grew up in
so its Carolina Hawthorne


09/06/08 1:39 AM

Smudge Kimberley

eye rolling smiley


09/06/08 12:41 AM

Cinnamon Dacey yikes


09/06/08 2:24 AM

Spanky DeLong


09/06/08 1:38 AM

Pussy Prospect


09/06/08 7:34 AM

Jerry Summit

whoa, how weird! lol


09/06/08 7:46 AM

cecil baltimore spinning smiley sticking its tongue out


09/06/08 7:57 AM

Kuma Payson


09/06/08 10:08 AM

the_other_place posted:
Pussy Prospect

Oh geezus, THAT'S a good one!

My husband's would be...

Mr. Pussy McCarty


09/06/08 10:46 AM

Teddy Roughskinthe finger smiley
go figure


09/06/08 11:27 AM

I would have to steal Dirk Diggler...It suits me better anywaysmiling smiley

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