NIN app for Android
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11/25/09 5:27 AM

143 posted:
why not a nin app for webos?

That's just what Trent said when they announced it for BB and Android. Now if the WebOS really takes off then maybe they will reconsider. Think about it though. If you compare the number of phones running each OS, WebOS would probably be at the bottom of the list. Then again, we haven't heard anything about Android or BB so who knows. Maybe it will only be for iPhone users.


12/16/09 9:36 AM

Man, I hope a NIN app for Android 2.0 is in the works. I just got a Droid a few weeks ago after getting sick of my BlackBerry, and I'd absolutely love it. The fact that it's open source should be a biiig influence to get this thing rollin!


12/22/09 1:55 PM

Count another vote for an Android app! DROID rocks.


01/05/10 1:28 PM

Yet here is another vote for Andoid App.


01/22/10 8:51 AM

so we're still waiting???


01/22/10 12:40 PM

^ Apparently.


02/09/10 3:15 AM

Well, I doubt it will ever happen, but I vote for Android as well.
I would (almost) do the app myself if I were more into Android programming.
Guess we'll have to wait


02/19/10 9:03 PM

One more vote here.


02/26/10 5:29 AM

I have a droid and I'd use it.


02/26/10 5:36 PM

Another vote. Trent said the Android app was underway but what exactly does "soon" mean? Hmmm...

I have a G1 & will be getting a Nexus when I renew my contract in October...


03/19/10 8:45 PM

I got me one of them newfangled iPhones you see on the TV.

But seriously, if I didn't have an iPhone, I would be a little upset there is no app for that. As a designer I learn to see multiple viewpoints, even though I love my jesusphone.


03/20/10 12:49 PM

Belle Aesthetic posted:
<snip> but what exactly does "soon" mean? Hmmm...

*giggles* "Soon" is the most magical word on and Trent will most likely never reveal what exactly it means grinning smiley


03/20/10 8:12 PM

Another vote for an Android App


03/26/10 9:51 AM

I got a Nexus One shortly after launch and am not regretting selling my unlocked iPhone for it in the least. The only thing I miss about the iPhone is the NIN app.


03/28/10 2:00 AM

bumpage im dieing for the acess app for my g1


03/29/10 1:14 AM

Ok So the android phone G1 has 2 apps on market but they suck! Please come up with something better thx


04/08/10 4:45 AM

count another vote for android; i'd love to have the app on my droid.


04/08/10 10:36 AM

I have an Android and I would love to have the app.


04/11/10 6:16 AM

One more fan hoping for an Android app. I'll be getting a new Android-based phone this summer and would love a NIN app to look forward to!


04/18/10 12:00 PM

I would love an nin android app.


04/18/10 3:15 PM

there are so many Android phones coming out these days, it seems reasonable to have an app for it now. HTC has a great looking new Android phone coming out in the summer (HTC EVO 4G). i'm planning on getting it and it would be great to have a NIN app on it.


04/20/10 1:28 PM

I was thinking about having a mobile version of the site for all internet-supported mobiles. That way many of the abilities an app would have would be avaliable without the need to download an app.


04/24/10 3:55 PM

Id pay for it.


05/05/10 4:18 AM

I look for a NIN app every day and still there is not one. I need one.


05/16/10 12:10 PM

Someone, just someone make this happen!


05/31/10 4:46 PM

I DESIRE this app for my new phone


06/03/10 7:42 PM

A Droid app would be nice for those of us with a smart phone that's actually more open to developers and, well, does things better. At the very least, a mobile version of this site would be great for everyone.


06/03/10 8:37 PM

I definitely would love to see the app come to the Android Market, I am getting an htc Desire which runs on Android, and the NIN app would be great.


06/22/10 8:14 AM

Count me in. I just gave away my iPod Touch. I would really like this app for the HTC Droid Incredible. C'mon now.


07/07/10 7:15 AM

yes please a app for Android, Thanks a lot

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