= fail. but WHY?

02/29/12 5:05 PM

Guys- why the won't "The Slip" torrent downloads work? I'm using uTorrent for mac and have tried both the 24/96 FLAC and 24/96 WAV. The tracker is provided by NIN site:
does not respond (offline-timed out). What gives?


02/29/12 5:18 PM

If the torrent was originally from Pirate Bay, this might be your answer:


02/29/12 5:23 PM

no dude. it's free from the torrent comes from can't see how the pirate bay has any relevance here.

can a mod or someone who knows what's up please explain the broken torrent?

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02/29/12 7:40 PM

I just went through the process of submitting my email, receiving the token and downloading torrent links for the FLAC high def, apple lossless, and WAVE files. I launched all three via Vuse (in Windows) and all three are downloading now with no problems. They have plenty of seeds. So they look OK to me...

Did you check your firewall?

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