Quebec? Canada? Anyone?

07/29/12 8:48 PM

I know we exist, I saw people at the last concert, so let's make some noise. But not too much noise; we wouldn't want to piss off the downstairs neighbor now, would we?

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08/12/12 12:48 AM

yes you are soooo right. Why are we canadians sooooo considerate of others? Lets' make noise!!!!!!!!!! I saw Trent Reznor and NIN in Toronto in 2009. I was 51 years old and out danced and out sang the young crowd. Why, cause I think Trent is the Number 1 artist out there because he is a rebel that can write his own lyrics and play the instruments as well. He is a true artist and performer. I really wish he would come back and tour Canada again, especially Toronto (cause I know Kitchener is too small for someone like him). He is completely AWESOME.


09/10/12 5:22 PM

RAWR there I made some noise.


09/13/12 7:29 PM

I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I've never seen them live, unfortunately.


09/14/12 2:31 PM

Hey Canucks....I'm one from Ottawa.
Saw my first show in 95 at the old Maple Leaf gardens and my last one in TO for the NINJA tour....good times smoking smiley
(Fuck I sound old)


09/15/12 6:41 PM

I am from Montreal, Qc. Saw them in 2008, I was too young for the previous tours (fuck I sound young). winking smiley


09/27/12 12:22 AM



06/06/13 12:18 PM

Vancouver in the house. First show was Tacoma in 95 with Bowie. Been a ride ever since.

Still bummed I didn't drag my ass to Victoria for Light in the Sky. Live and regret.


07/11/13 11:01 AM

Wooooo!! Albertan here, every time they've come to AB iv seen them. With Teeth and Lights in the Sky tours were fking amazing, DFA live was sick! I am soo stoked to get NIN'd again, got GA tixs to both EDM and CALG - Tension 2013 tour


09/04/13 4:17 PM

Marz0 posted:
I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I've never seen them live, unfortunately.
Have you gotten tickets to the Vancouver show in November?


10/09/13 11:53 PM

I'm currently living on the border of Quebec in a little town called Thorne And unfortunately have never seen NIN in concert but my brother in law Has and says its the most elaborate concert hes ever been to.

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