Iranian NIN fans?
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11/11/08 7:26 PM

I'm sorry about the pressure you face about ezdevaj kardan from your mom. Manam nemekham ezdevaj konam. I just don't believe in it but god forbid I tell my mom that. Mano meekosheh. I dont have to luckily deal with that yet though, since I'm 21 so I have a while until she starts complaining lol. I am also a tomboy and I've really always been my entire life so my family thinks I'm kind of weird or rebellious because I'm not gherty enough. So sad. Judging from your picture on your profile, I can see that you are a beautiful woman and wouldn't have a problem finding someone. Is it that you choose not to get married or just don't believe in marriage?

I have way too many favorite NIN albums. I also love Year Zero and It's the main album I listen to in my car. My other favorite NIN albums are The Downward Spiral and The Fragile. As far as songs go, I love Gave Up, March of the Pigs, Reptile (Did you see how awesome it was when they performed it at the forum? The crowd went crazy as did I), Sin, Head Like a Hole, Somewhat Damaged, Into the Void, The Big Come Down, Vessel, The Great Destroyer, and many many more. How about you?


11/11/08 9:35 PM

Merci tinax joon for the compliment....blush!!! I'm not completely opposed to marriage per se, just mostly afraid to lose my independence and my freedom. If I find a guy who will respect my independence and like me for who I am then I'd be cool with marriage. I've had a lot of boyfriends that wanted to change me, to mold me into someone else and boss me around. It's a huge turn-off. I don't want anyone to tell me how I should live and be and also vice-versa. In a way I don't see much of a difference between marriage and being in a long-term relationship. Most people I know who are married are not happy at all. Who know has a way of surprising you when you least expect it.

So you are also the rebel in your family!! Me too. We have a lot in common. I'm an artist and as far as I know the only artist ever in my family. The parents don't get that either. They're more supportive now than before because they see how happy I am.

Oh NIN songs/albums. I have new favorites every week. I was listening to PHM this morning and listened to The Only Time a few times in a row (he sounds so sexy in that song). Vessel, The Great Destroyer, Last, Gave Up, All the Love in the World, Terrible Lie, No You Don't, My Violent Heart, all of the Ghosts album (esp. song 24) and definitely Head Down. Reptile is my all time favorite and I also heard it on the With Teeth tour. Yes, the crowd went wild and I also went nuts when they played that one. You can tell who the super fans are cuz they flip when they hear that song.

I really admire how TR just puts all of his heart and soul into the performances. He must be exhausted after each show. Kheeley honarmandeh va kheeley khoshkeleh...oooh!! eye popping smiley


11/11/08 9:01 PM

I totally agree with you on the marriage thing. No one should ever change who you are. Sorry if I'm being foozool about the whole thing. I completely feel the same way about marriage as you do. You should definitely not be forced into it or obligated to. Sadly, I know a few Iranian women in their mid 30's who got married because they felt it was getting late, and one got a divorce within a year and the other two are miserable as ever.

It's really cool that you're an Artist. I totally respect that and think it's awesome.

Looove your entire list of NIN songs. PHM is one of those albums where I can listen to every single song repeatedly and not get tired of it. It's genius.

Imagine bringing agha Reznor to your family as a doost pesar!!! I dont think I would care at all what my parents would say. LOL. Kheylee khoshdipeh, damn it!

"Maman, Ahangeh maroofesh hast "Closer" and explaining what the lyrics are lol. She would be thrilled!!!

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11/11/08 10:25 PM

Agha Reznor.....awesome!! LOL!!! You're so funny. I can just picture my parents' reaction. My Mom thinks he is handsome. Chand roozeh peesh Madaram akseh TR ro deed va azam porseed - ooh, een keeyeh? Doosteh to eh? I wish.....try explaining fist fuck to our parents!! Is there even a Farsi translation for that?!


11/11/08 9:46 PM

Seriously! How would you explain something like that? lol. Something like "Fist Fuck" or "Big man with a gun" would be difficult, but who cares! It's Agha Reznor. Eb Nadereh!

Valy kheyli ahangash hal mideh. I hope you enjoy the Las Vegas show, well, I know for a fact you probably will.


11/11/08 11:02 PM

Rahst meegee....ahangash kheyli hal mideh...even after all these years. Seeing them live is like nothing else. Anyhow, wish we would've connected sooner so we could go to the Vegas show together. Another time....I heard that the Planet Hollywood venue is kind of small and they may not set up their lights. It won't matter. It's all about the music for me.


11/12/08 11:40 AM

I appreciate some of Rachid Taha music and have seen it on stage here in Algiers two years ago... Sometimes really good but sometimes a little bit ridiculous to me... The mix between chaabi music (the ancient popular music in Algiers)and more western musical influence doesn't always work... But I really loved his rock'n'roll attitude in this evening !
There are some old algerian rock band (T34, Abranis,Raina Rai, etc) that have done a lot to take local child from popular music and shitty commercial stuff, but this haven't really work... There's still some good bands playin rock music (Gnawa Diffusion, Cheikh Sidi Bemol, Litham, but I'm not sure they're still playin)but most of them are down down on a supposed "underground"... Most of teenagers here listen to shitty egyptian or lebanese commercial pop, or are into stupid and superficial hip hop... Fans of NIN in Algeria ? Let me laugh! There's not enough here to make Mr Reznor come to see us... Except if he wants to play in a cave for 200 people !!! lol
I'll talk to you later about my taste in music...
See you...


11/12/08 2:30 PM

I'll have to check out some of the bands you mentioned. I love the mixture of middle-eastern/african music with western sounds. If you have any recommendations for me it would be great. I also love Natacha Atlas. She's a bit on the pop and commercial side but I just love her voice.

I love the idea of NIN playing in a cave for 200!!! NIN live in an intimate setting would be fabulous.


11/13/08 5:33 AM

It's funny you talk about Natasha Atlas... I talked a little bit with Natasha Atlas in the airport (she was going back to London after a show in Algiers) and she was really cute... Almost shy lol... One of the musicians she played with was a friend and he told me that Natasha is really open minded... Gorgeous voice I agree...
Here's some old videos of algerian rock legends on youtube :
[url=http://[]]T 34 "Chi Nass" (the sound is shitty !)[/url]
T34 "Boualem el Far"
Raina Rai "ya zina"
[url=http://[]]Litham "empire of ibliss" brutal metal[/url]
Khinjar (one of the first algerian hard rock band)


11/13/08 7:32 AM

You met Natacha?? Cool! I found out on Monday that she performed a live show in LA on Sunday so I completely missed her performance. I was quite bummed out.....a friend of mine has seen her perform live and has told me that the live performances are incredible and that she belly dances also. Wow. I love her new album Ana Hina a lot and have been listening to it a lot lately.

Thanks for the YouTube links. I'll check them out.


11/22/08 8:13 PM

wanted to say hello after reading this thread. i'm not iranian but have always wanted to go there. was in dubai a few weeks ago and thought about going to kish island, since they don't require a visa and i thought that would be a close as i could get to mainland iran, but didn't make it there on that trip. so for now the closest i've been is flying over iran.


11/24/08 11:43 AM

Cool photo. Hi Lacey! Thanks for the post. From what I hear, Kish Island is supposed to be the French Riviera of Iran. I've never been there myself. Hopefully the circumstances will allow both of us to travel to Iran someday. Right now I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


11/24/08 10:12 PM

Holy crap, how did I miss this thread?!

Aare, manam Irani hastam. Che jaaleb - raastesho bekhay, choon to NY zendegi mikonam, kheyli doostaye Irani nadaaram, faghat shaayad panj, sheeshta. Much less Iranians who love NIN!

yasmania posted:
The stereotype is fairly accurate. I lived in NY for 3 years and had a different experience with the Iranian community there than here. In Cali. people say Persian....kind of makes me laugh sometimes because when I think of Persian I think of rugs, NY they say Iranian.

This is soooo true, NY (where I'm from) is much different from, say, Los Angeles (Tehrangeles) - it's just not as much of a community here. That's fine, too - I've always been attracted to people from all OVER the place in terms of friendships anyway, but it probably would have been nice to have some more friends from my background growing up. And re: Persian vs. Iranian, I've used both (derrr username), but I tend to find people who overuse "Persian" are avoiding the stigma associated with our big, bad axis of EVIL!

Manham mesle yasmania va tinax kehyli ahl ezdevaj nistam, but I'm not against it either. Sometimes, I just don't see the point.


11/25/08 8:17 AM

Salaam persiancat!! Toh NY zendegi meekoni? I fucking love NY! Kheeley delam meekhad keh bargardam oonjah. I used to live there and miss it terribly. Oonja ziyad irani neestan. So have you visited Iran recently? If so I would love to know about your impressions.

How long have you been a NIN fan?


11/25/08 10:38 AM

Salaam to you, too. Manam aasheghe NY hastam... kojaaye NY mimoondi? Inja koli Irani hast (khob mesle CA na, vali hast) - farghesh hast ke ba hamdige kaari nadarim, haha. I don't know why; it's kind of strange. It was sooo weird for me to visit Cali four or five years back and hear so many people around me speaking Farsi - on the street, in stores, everywhere. And to have people there look at me and actually recognize my background - not Greek, Indian, Italian, Brazilian, Israeli, etc, etc, which I always get over here - well, wow. THAT was a fucking first.

Pedar o maadaram baraye grad school omadan America, ghabl az enghelaab - when the climate at home changed, they didn't return. Khodam faghat do dafhe raftam Iran - vaghti hasht saalam bood, va yaazda saal (for a whole summer each time). I have vivid memories, but I was just a kid and too young to understand the social differences, so they frustrated me. Vali kheyli famil oonja daaram... va kheyli, kheyli baraam khosh gozasht. I'm SO wanting to go back now (I hear it's different), but it's hard to find the time. My brother and father just went for three weeks this past summer.

As for NIN...vaghti TDS shenidam, I fell in love. I was just too young during the PHM and Broken eras. I've seen the live act so many times - NIN never disappoints live.


11/25/08 11:21 AM

I lived in Brooklyn for 3 years, in 3 different neighborhoods. Kheeley delam meekhast keh bemoonam vali nashod. . Kareh khoob peydah nakardam. But I will return someday. I love that city. I know what you mean about people not recognizing you as an Irani. In NY I was always mistaken for Spanish, Greek, Mexican, French (WTF!!!) but here people will start speaking to me in Farsi. Different vibe here in the west coast. Also the whole persian phenommenon is strong here...Persian and not Iranian. I always say Iranian and sometimes will get funny looks.

I've been a NIN fan since 91 and still love the music with the same passion as back then. As Tina said, Ahanghash kheiley hal true. I've seen them live 3 times so far and am going to the Vegas show in Dec. Can't fucking wait!! The band is amazing this time. But I've always said that after each tour. What shows did you catch on the east coast?


11/25/08 10:58 PM

Midoonam chi migi. NYC just makes you feel fucking ALIVE. Manam to BK zendegi kardam...BK Heights to be exact. But I had to move to the surrounding 'burbs for my current job. Fervently plotting my return, though...

It's SO true. Ahanghash aslan chize digan, aslan chetori tarifeshoon konam... nemitoonam! I've seen them live more times than I should probably admit, but this latest leg for Lights in the Sky, I went to three of the Northeast-area shows (earlier this month), including the smaller club show in Atlantic City. You are in for a fucking treat, azizam, let me tell you. Sandali daari? Agar mitooni, ZIYAADI nazdik nashin - you'll miss the full effect of the gorgeous light show. When/where were your past three shows? Baraam tarif kon!


11/26/08 8:48 AM

You saw the Atlantic City show!!! That must have been amazing - small venue and Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. WOW!!! I saw them on this tour in LA but had shitty seats and couldn't see the stage too well so decided to get tickets to Vegas. Sandali daaram barayeh een show. Kheily delam meekhad keh toyeh "Pit" bashaam vali khatarnaakeh....I'm too short and too old. I was in one pit back in 99 and thought I was gonna die. So after 5 minutes I asked this big dude to pull me out.

I saw NIN on the Fragility tour in Washington State, then in NYC at the Madison Sq. Garden show in 2005 and also this year in LA. Girl, I could just kick myself for not seeing them on the self-destruct tour. I could have gone but didn't. What the fuck was I thinking??? Every tour is great but this one is like a beautiful piece of performance art. I really love seeing them on the Fragility tour. The venue was outside by a mountainous area and the combination of the music and the sunset as they played was surreal.


11/27/08 9:42 PM

Salaam Persiancat!!! welcome! Shomaha kheyli mano havaseh NY kardeen. Man mikham alan Plane ticket peyda konam amah aslan pool nadaram. Christmas time is so expensive.

az shohar jahnam dareen tareef mikoneen? lol just kidding...What I would do to go to another show valy kasy hal nemeedeh. I can't convince anyone.... ugh!!!

Hope you guys had a good thanksgiving!!

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11/27/08 9:45 PM


I'm half Persian and Half Cajun/French/German.

My parents are cool with NIN, they were hippies back in the day. My older bro used to listen to them back in the 90s so they're used to it now. I've started getting my lil bro into's like a family thing haha.


11/27/08 9:53 PM

What an interesting mix!! Good stuff.

That's awesome that your parents are cool with it! My parents don't mind it either but I dont blast NIN in the house or anything. They are very traditional. However, I do remember when I was a kid and my brother would hear NIN "closer" on the radio and he would sing it and then turn the station as soon as it got to the chorus. lol.


11/28/08 12:10 AM

Yasmania: girrrrl, I might kick you for missing Self-Destruct. What WERE you thinking?

Aare, AC was really amazing, etefaghan dovomin baare ke oonja didameshoon. Avalin dafe do saale pish bood. Omg, Fragility rafti? Vay, che hasoodi mikonam... it was a totally different experience back then. Manam MSG to 2005 raftam - che jaaleb - I'll bet nazdike ham boodim. Were you in the pit? Did you go to the soundcheck / meet and greet? I think you'll be fine with seats in Vegas - like I said, you want the full view. But I do love the energy of the pit.

Tinax, salaam! Christ, che khoshgeli - hamatoon, yasmania, tinax, va ashley - you are so ziba. Tinax, biya NYC, we'll have a fucking blast! Funny you say you can't find someone to go with you, baranke chand hafte pish khaharam barnamash avaz shod, va akhare kar, majboor boodam tanhaee beram. But it was WORTH it. Honestly, if you're on the fence about Vegas... GO. Yasmania will be there! Oh, and in terms of "shohar jaanet" - something tells me you'll have to join the line on that one winking smiley

Ashley - what a very cool mix - did your parents meet in the States? Ever been to Iran or learn the language?


11/27/08 11:51 PM

cheshmaht ghashang mibineh!! merci!! I can't tell from your profile picture because it's too light but I am sure you are quite beautiful!!! Dokhtarayeh Irooni khoshgel hastan, in general. I will see what happens with vegas but since my friends and I are going two weeks after to vegas anyway, i dont think anyone wants to come. The show is amazing though. I even offered to pay for tickets but everyone is being khar. It's okay though. Shohar Janam will understand. Ok I will stop. lol.

How did you like going to the concert alone? I actually think it wouldn't be so bad because you dont have to worry about losing your friends, finding each other, etc...


11/28/08 11:21 AM

persiancat posted:
Ashley - what a very cool mix - did your parents meet in the States? Ever been to Iran or learn the language?

Yes, my dad moved here when he was 21 I believe, right before the end of the shah.

I've never been to Iran, unfortunately, and don't speak farsi. I really wish I had learned it (it wasn't spoken much around me because my mom doesn't speak it). I'm working on the paper work right now to hopefully go to Iran within the next few years.


11/28/08 11:22 AM

tinax posted:
How did you like going to the concert alone? I actually think it wouldn't be so bad because you dont have to worry about losing your friends, finding each other, etc...

I actually liked going to concerts alone, it's just so much more enjoyable and you don't have to worry about others.


11/28/08 12:22 PM

That is seriously so khar of them, haha. Come on, it's biliteh majaani! Che heyf. I guess if you're going to Vegas so soon afterward, I can KIND of understand - vali I'm divaaneh enough ke hanooz beram. I swear, I need to get my head checked.

It was fine vaghti tanhaee raftam. Met plenty of people just being there. Once the lights went down, it didn't matter who you were with anyway, you know?

Khob begoo, khanoom, key ba een shohar jaane sheytoonet ashena shodi? (hah) Ta hala key NIN didi va chetor bood?


11/28/08 11:54 AM

I actually liked going to concerts alone, it's just so much more enjoyable and you don't have to worry about others.

Yeah, I figure...I should really go alone one time. I'm always worried about my friends getting lost and trying to find them, if they are having a good time, etc.


11/28/08 12:05 PM

Yeah, Khars sums it up pretty well. I dont think you are Divaaneh at all to go. I would too if I could. So worth it.

een shohar jaanam kheyli khejalati'eh. Aslan sheytoonee balad neest, heyvooni!

I've only seen the lights in the sky tour. I wanted to see them on their last tour but yet again, no one to go with sad smiley This time I made my doost pesar come with me and we both had a blast. How about you? How many times have you seen NIN?


11/28/08 1:20 PM

Salaam Ashley!! Hope you ladies had a good Thanksgiving. Tina joon, are you thinking about going to Vegas after all? Let me know if you are and we can hang before/after the show girl.


11/28/08 5:37 PM

tinax posted:
Ashley - what a very cool mix -
Yes I agree,the mix seems REALLY cool

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