Irish NIN fans
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01/27/10 11:49 AM

Hey smiling smiley This thread has been so quiet lately :-/


01/27/10 11:59 AM

Seems like it, I have an excuse for not being around though: University and long distance travel ftw!


02/18/10 8:02 PM

Greetings fellow NIN Disciples,

I'm back from my self imposed sabbatical from this thread.

Since Oxegen09, I am more at ease with myself, a more complete individual (musically anyway).

Whatever NIN concert ye when too last year, I hope it won't be our last.

Believe it or not, but I have belatedly uploaded my cam-corder footage from Oxe09. I have 'Home', 1,000,000', 'Terrible Lie', March of the Pigs', SICNH', & most of 'The Becoming' unfortunately. Hope ye enjoy.....

Wega's Oxe09 Footage

Ps. Edz: (if your not still banned)

I nearly cried with laughter with your hair and turban drawings of the fan. However, poor lad didn't deserve it mate.... if I was you, I'd run a mile if he meets up with ya! But your not the shy type, are ya!?!?!?!?!


02/20/10 2:11 AM

Can people in this thread direct their peepers towards this thread:

Might be some fun involved!


02/25/10 7:28 PM

What a line up for Oxegen 2010 folks!!!!!!

Can't wait to see Eminem, Kasabian, Temper Trap, Prodigy (relive my crazy student 1990's!!!), and Black Eyed Peas...

Will be interested to see Muse for the first time live.... Will be sure to pack my cam-corder for that....

Will go with an open mind with all other acts, try to relive the ghosts of NIN/Jane's Addiction of Oxegen 2009.

Suppose will miss some bands from 2009, but every year should be different, possible that some of the old favourites will declare closer to the deadline...

Ticket sales out on general sale on the Friday 12th March. No t long people.....
Oxegen 2010 Line-up:


02/26/10 1:35 PM

I wouldn't mind to see your Muse footage smiling smiley


02/27/10 1:34 PM

I was freaking out before entering the stage area at Oxe09, the searching and the fact bags were not allowed into the tent area too.

But I needn't have, they only stop ya if your obvious. Had to laugh at folks buying wellies to stuff booze down them, it worked too!!!

Next time I'll have a second fully charged battery. Although, at the festival they had rip-off mobile charging facilities, I mean, 5 euro an hour....

One big problem I had with my NIN Oxe09 footage was that the bass on the camR was muffled in places. Need to see if I can turn the gain down, or something.... See the link in past thread....

I'd be interested to read your thoughts on the footage I took from last years festival. Maybe an objective point of view could help me see if there is something better I could do.... i.e..... not to be too up close for bass reasons, or 'hold the camera steady!!!'

Regards anyway,

Mod to God.


02/27/10 2:38 PM

yeah, because those pointers will help when filming nin next time.


03/04/10 11:40 AM

Forget that shit now, here comes Mongo! Sorry, Skinny Puppy. They're playing London In july....[]

Got tix. Who else is going?


03/05/10 11:50 AM

Hey Trev
What's up man!?
Yeah, me and John are heading over - ya met him in the dam iirc? smiling smiley

Seriously can't wait, its gonna make my year.


03/09/10 8:23 AM

I'm good mate, better now that I'm going to see Puppy. Thought this would be a dull year post-NIN. I'm hoping they'll announce a few more dates, once is never enough.
Will meet up over there for sure.


03/24/10 6:52 PM

Hey Irish NIN folk,

Lots of the global NIN websites have gone off line now. Australian, Germany, and including the Irish one. Didn't take long for these sites to belly up regarding NIN going into hibernation mode for a while. Alas, I suppose this thread is it for the time being..... (which was never fun to begin with). Long silences, petty hate, etc...

But regarding the Electric Picnic 2010,

Just pointing out the obvious, agree or disagree with me, I don't care. But if ppl think spending 240E for Electric Picnic, and only seeing the likes of Roxy music, Freeze, The Frames, Massive Attack, or Imeda May..... I like Massive Attack and The Waterboys, and they will draw a good load in. So, good luck if ya like the line up. So if your going I know you'll have a good time (Tickets are out this Friday 26th March, and takes place on the 3,4,&5 September).

But, when ya look at what's on this year at Oxegen 2010 for 199.50E (3 day no camping), or 224.50E (3 day camping), well no comparison. Save your dough for this years Oxegen folks, pay for that one first. I know some ppl here, and they have told me "they'd rather slit there wrist's than go to Oxegen". Well this post isn't aimed or meant to antagonize them, it's aimed at anyone who's impartial, and just wants to make up their own mind, with the given the facts.

When you have Muse, Eminem, Prodigy, Faithless, Temper Trap, Florence and the machine, Arcade Fire, Kasabian, Fat Boy Slim, Calvin Harris, and the Black Eyed Peas.... well, what can I say.

Ya, I know the Picnic serves a good purpose as a conveyor belt for new and up & coming Irish/UK band. All I'm saying, why take the risk! But ppl will go because they want to hear new material, and that's exciting in itself. So good, there are good reasons to go to the Picnic. I know EP organizer's have never paid top dollar for the best acts, never tried to compete with Oxegen, so all I'm saying - WHY is it so Pricey???? Like, how much does it cost to get Roxy Music in?? And what happens if the top acts are assigned to different days? Ppl will have no choice to pay the full wack of the 3 day ticket.

I suppose you could say Oxegen is over commercialized, expensive, and hard to get to. There will always be pillheads at any festival. And yes, EP as more cult, alternative appeal, and slightly more grown up atmosphere than Oxegen. But the Picnic is charging over inflated prices, for what's in my opinion, B-list music. Last years Oxegen, for me was a magical weekend, NIN/Jane's Addiction/White Lies/Ting Tings, especially the Sunday. The atmosphere was just invigorating and energetic...

So, I don't expect ppl to post and agree with me on this, because no one on this thread (ever) as a sensible measured debate with me anymore. But this, had to be said....

Bottom line - I'm saving my money for Oxe10, paid for my tickets already, and all I need now is a good summer's weekend in Naas! If that feat is possible...... Hope to see ya there!!! smoking smiley

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03/28/10 1:09 PM

It would be very sad to see this thread orphaned sad smiley


03/29/10 3:22 PM

two shit festivals man, i'm going to Infest in August, where there's actually music I like AND people I like smiling smiley


03/29/10 7:28 PM

De/Vision are playing Infest!!!! I wanna go.

Looks like T In the Park is coming to Ireland this year!! Woohooo if I was 14 I'd definately go.
picnic lineup is slightly better but still not worth paying so much.


03/29/10 7:29 PM

Ohh yeah, hi everyone =]

RIP ninireland


03/30/10 2:11 PM

Hi!!!!!!!!! Long time no see!?!

Are you coming to Angelspit? They are playing the Twisted Pepper in dublin...should be cool.

Definitely come to Infest


04/10/10 12:11 PM

Angelspit gig tomorrow night in The Twisted Pepper!!

Come along. Why not?


04/11/10 4:29 PM

Hey all,

Has there been a screening of AVOTT in Ireland yet? If not, why the hell not. Any venue suggestions?



04/11/10 6:06 PM

someone ate all me lucky charms


05/07/10 4:05 PM

Mutilated, couldn't get time off work ><
Was Angelspit any good?

I need a good concert. Haven't been to a proper gig sinse Ministry.
Anyone good coming?


05/20/10 7:42 PM

Hello Lily, how you been?
Skinny Puppy play London July 18th, but closer to home Leftfield play Tripod June 3rd. Never thought they'd tour again, must be poor. No less brilliant though.

Hope everyone's well.

P.S. Four Lions is feckin' brilliant, see it.


05/23/10 10:18 AM

yeah, definitely going to see Skinny Puppy

Front Line Assembly are playing July 20th in London but I have already booked my flight home for the 19th sad smiley

what a royal pain in the arse!!

Angelspit was ok - no actual live instruments, just 2 vocalists LOL!!! bit of a fashion show - but fuck it, most of the industrial/goth scene is. Not into it anymore. Feel like showing up in blue jeans and white t shirt.

I'm going to Fear Factory august 2 and then Katatonia august 3


05/29/10 2:21 PM

Hey Muti, I see your boys Combichrist are playing July 30th, Button Factory. Tix not on sale yet, might be worth checking out. Any good live?

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05/30/10 1:36 PM

YES! is the short answer.

Absolutely great fun live...its like being in a boozed up cyberpunk future gig type thing..seen them twice..really a fantastic live band.

Tickets on sale 1st June from

I will of course be there, minus infinity hesitation!!! smiling smiley


06/23/10 6:26 AM

I heard Combichrist are coming...

Will buy my ticket tonight =]]] See you there Mutilated


06/25/10 3:55 PM


Its been soooooooooooooooooo long!!!!!


07/15/10 12:47 PM

ooh look, someone less intelligent than, fantastic.

Thanks for the offer, but its the Scots you should be fucking, not us. We haz no bagpipez here..

They have hot accents too... yum.

k, tanks, bye


07/17/10 9:42 AM

^ I removed it for you, Mutilated winking smiley
Btw, i adore irish accents <3


07/29/10 3:39 PM

hahaha!!!! class, thanks for doing that!!!! haha nice one

just a quick reminder people, Combichrist are playing in the Button Factory tomorrow, doors 7pm.

afterparty in The Mezz

smiling smiley


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