The Balkans Invasion
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11/10/08 12:56 PM

Well, she had it yesterday so i doubt it's "again" tongue sticking out smiley


11/10/08 3:54 PM

Aw, why thank you! <3 <3
Next time beer is on me! Or red-bull jaeger or whatever you crazy kids drink these days.


11/10/08 5:31 PM

I don't drink when i drive. Heh. HEH! tongue sticking out smiley


11/10/08 4:33 PM

Well ok, I'll have some grade A coke ready for you then.


11/11/08 2:47 AM

Nyx posted:
Well ok, I'll have some grade A coke ready for you then. OR

Decisions, decisions, ...


11/11/08 4:17 AM

Aw c'mon, you know I'd never try to desecrate your body with something as crappy as Coca-Cola. DUDE!!

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11/11/08 8:06 AM
Man, 1979 was really a fucked up year, especially to be born. I mean, look at me, the consequences, what i've become! Cokehead!


11/13/08 3:59 AM

Hmm, I can't remember any of those except Always Coca-Cola. They should fire the slogan people.

So, was Ishtmail just a figment of my imagination or did he really exist at some point?


11/14/08 5:13 PM

There is no ishtmail, there is only me. That's the good news.
The bad news is when i'm trying to smack him, i actually smack myself. Not a good idea. It should definitely fall under "If you can, it doesn't mean you should" category.

Go me :[


11/15/08 2:37 PM

here's another Croat for ya...


11/16/08 3:56 PM

Welcome new Croat!


11/19/08 8:58 AM

I have a car. Now all of you are fucked!

Also, hey LuckyST!


11/19/08 5:42 PM

perchee posted:
I have a car. Now all of you are fucked!
We are looking forward to it!


11/20/08 5:20 AM

Well, the clutch takes forever before it starts grabbing (more left leg exercising), while the gas is pretty sensitive. It's tad harder to hold to speed limits that way.. meh. I hate it how different cars are driven "differently". But hey! - it has a shitload of cup-holders (LOL) and contrary to previous thought people can actually sit behind me with no problem (then again, that's why the trunk is pretty small). And the CD player work great. It is supposed to support mp3s, too but i haven't tried it yet.

All in all, great car to be the first "family" car. Maybe i'll pick up the Ishtamelle family in Ljubljana for the picnic in Postojna you and your sister will be making. Mmmm..


11/20/08 6:51 AM

^^^^ mmmmmmmmmmmmm...



11/20/08 7:44 AM

Hey aren't you supposed to be in the process of getting yourself back to our country? >:]


11/20/08 11:15 AM

What's new here?
I'm bored.....


11/20/08 11:44 AM

Nothing much. How's Zagreb?


11/20/08 12:43 PM

It's chilly here, how's in Slovenia?


11/20/08 3:23 PM

Desperately cold.
And quite boring.


11/20/08 6:39 PM

ana posted:
It's chilly here, how's in Slovenia?
The thought of snow falling down over here in the next days is not really something i'd want. Not now, damn it!

So, Nyx, do we have a deal about the POSTOJNA BBQ? I hear the Russian is doing all he can to join the party again.

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11/20/08 9:29 PM

^^^^ well, looks like you hear it right smiling smiley
umm.. but when?

currently, i'm planning to be in states for a while around 10-15 december
and then...

we'll see tongue sticking out smiley


11/21/08 2:26 AM


I'm all for a BBQ in these here parts. Not at my place of course, with all the parents and guinea pigs around and stuff, but we could arrange something elswhere, like that house in the country. Only it might be a little freezing there during the winter, what with it being abandoned, old, stone and without any sort of heating :/.
Or maybe we could rent a cottage and invite some more people? I DUNNO!


11/21/08 9:00 AM

Here's a blast from the past!

Sorry guys, I'm just too busy doing nothing, scratching my balls, that sort of thing. I'll spank myself some common sense and start posting more in here.

What's this BBQ I hear people whispering about in dark alleys? I can mix up some mean ?evap, I can (perchee knows what I'm talking about).


11/21/08 9:53 AM

Nyx posted:
I'm all for a BBQ in these here parts.. like that house in the country.. Or maybe we could rent a cottage and invite some more people? I DUNNO!
So many choices, so little time.
I was thinking.. if Mojca comes along and if i pick up the Ishtamelle family and later i pick up xvostya on the airport, we will have to seriously consider about one of you guys enjoying the ride in my trunk. Any volunteers?

By the way, me and Mojca will be in Ljubljana this sunday, if ya wanna go for a drink or two, let me know.


11/21/08 10:19 AM

^^^ trunk ride?
okay, i'm a professional tongue sticking out smiley


11/21/08 10:21 AM

perchee: I'm in ljubljana over the weekend, so meeting sounds great! Just name the time and the place, and I'm there.


11/21/08 11:46 AM

xvostya, since you are a guess guest we can't drive you in trunk. Not at least you've stayed in this country long enough. Well, if you had any boobs, then maybe i'd consider smuggling to one of our tittiebars.

ishtmail, i'll let you know. Mojca's dad has a big 60 so it's likely we'd be free sometime in the afternoon. It also depends on the weather, but just a little.
I'm totally getting used to this car and i'm finding out it's not that small at all. Plus, mp3 cds work without a slightest problem. Woot!

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11/23/08 11:23 PM

Lovely short tea meet. Now that P is mobile, we should definitely exploit him. For instance, I need to go to Portoro┼ż tomorrow, can you take me perchee? grinning smiley (I don't actually need to go, but I wonder if he'd do it...)

Next meet - what where why?

I have a proposition: BBQ in the summer, at our weekend house - I can't imagine a barbecue indoors. With perchee's mobility, and hopefully my own sometime soon, we can do this fo sho! Yes, I'm finally speaking to my parents again, so now I can potentially plan this sort of thing. And as there's a marriage coming up in may, you know, we could do business AND pleasure.

So, since the summer is still pretty damn far away, we should totally plan something in between... Our place, Celje, or Postojna, makes no difference to me whatsoever smiling bouncing smiley


11/24/08 12:29 PM

Portoro┼ż? In this weather? What the hell... Then again, no snow in this county.

Well, as was discussed yesterday, it does not appear to be the best timing for BBQ (even though it will happen!) so it may be more appropriate to do the usual meet up thing: invade one's apartment and do a mess out of it.
Oh, and xvostya is coming with his airplane and his full of (his) groupies. Beware!

PS - i'm glad to see you and your family are working on getting along again. Btw, does your sister still have that NIN book i borrowed her? Just checking >:]

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