The "Multicamproject for the Echoplex gig!"-Thread smiling smiley

04/09/10 3:13 AM

Los Angeles, CA
The Echoplex

So, lets start! i have a new HDD and now i can start working. so, anyone who has any footage, please submit it! contact me via pm or via twitter or just answer in this thread.

ive already done one half of a concert (only one half because i used mainly youtube clips and its a pain to adjust every clip (i used around 30 for each track) new for every song...but well, i hope for complete sources in HD (but i doubt that it will be a HD release, my computer is that crappy that he cant even play HD videos fluently. but when theres enough HD content, why not? winking smiley

so, heres the sample: []
from the U2 concert in gelsenkirchen. the audio is far better on the actual dvd release. and the bad video quality is caused by the youtube clips i had to use.

i also search people who can help me. e.g. audio matrix/sorround matrix or making a internet page, create cover art or whatever.

so, i hope to see realy good footage and some people who can help me in this project grinning smiley




04/09/10 5:44 AM

Are you the same guy who I (as TOIOU) tweeted to send footage to a few months ago for Echoplex? Just wondering if it was the same project or not.


04/11/10 2:10 PM

yes, im the same guy. and til today i got 0 reponses sad smiley

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