HTDA Live Light Show

04/10/13 3:50 PM

Just saw the teaser for the Coachella show on youtube...


Anyone else stoked about this? I'm not going to see any other videos, will miss the streaming for sure, just so I don't spoil the show when I see them live.

I'm going to the Toronto show, and seems like this will be one hell of a visual/musical experience!

Does the HTDA team have any plans on recording this and release it in any form (already edited download, or DVD/Blu Ray, or files as NIN did with The Gift)? Being there will be the ultimate experience, but I'd like a copy to watch later...


04/10/13 5:35 PM

This video pumped me up! It sucks that I'll miss out on this tour.


04/10/13 6:28 PM

Looks like it will rock, real shame Trent has to go do the other band so they can't bring it to Europe sad smiley


04/11/13 8:03 AM

First review that I've found

Some youtubes are up. Looks amazing. Mariqueen sounded superb.

Super sad that I won't be able to see it live (in person).


04/11/13 8:36 AM

Here are some of the vids i took, looked great. hopefully the coachella webcast can do it justice!









04/11/13 9:01 AM

Thank you for vids...they're great!


04/11/13 10:55 AM

Trent's voice, from the examples provided in those lovely youtube videos posted above, sounds really refreshed from taking a break! Can't wait to see that carried over to the NIN tour as well.

Happy days for fans of Trent and co.! Cheers


04/11/13 3:02 PM

Another review

How to Destroy Angels
Fox Theatre Pomona
April 10, 2013
Primed with a midnight set at the Mojave tent this Friday at Coachella, How to Destroy Angels orchestrated a visual and auditory assault at their debut show at the Fox Theatre in Pomona that make them a must see act at Coachella. One could sense the electricity in the air when the lights dimmed at the Fox. The curtain finally pulled back to reveal streams of electric lights four sheets deep as Alessandro Cortini, Atticus Ross, Mariqueen Maandig, Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan worked in the shadows conjuring up the opening notes of "The Wake-Up."

How to Destroy Angels refer to themselves as a collective with all members contributing equally to their visual and auditory aesthetic. They recently added Cortini to their live band to help take on some bass guitar duties as well as extra synthesizer wizardry. All the members were hunkered over their work stations and grooved in time to the snarling synthesizer bass of "Keep It Together."

Maandig's sultry vocals slithered along with the mechanical beats and haunting sound effects. There was a palpable uptick in energy when Reznor intertwined his vocals along with hers. Longtime creative director for Nine Inch Nails Rob Sheridan had his own station next to Reznor and was controlling the hypnotic visuals to pulse in time with the music and even added some background vocals.

Reznor made his guitar scream for a harrowing rendition of "Parasite" which could easily be placed in a horror movie with its neurotic feel. As expected, the visuals kept your mind completely engaged as during "And The Sky Begins To Scream" the four deep panel of lights in front of the band rotated to the audible screams from the audience. "Ice Age" had a bone chilling effect with its haunting steel machinery echoes that reminded me of the tension from the score of "The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo" that Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor created.

Having listened to the album many times trying to dissect the numerous sonic layers, it was interesting to note that How to destroy angels_ tinkered with some of the mixes and added even more interesting tidbits. "The Believers" seemed to have a fortified synthesizer bassline that made the song crush your skull tightly. Maandig took center spotlight for "How Long?" as the rest of the band continued to operate in shadows.

Defragmented visuals and Maandig's distorted vocals continued to captivate my attention for "Welcome Oblivion". My favorite song "BBB" was even better in the live format as Reznor slammed on some electronic drum pads. Vocoder processed vocals dominated "The Space In Between." Cortini crushed the bass for the distorted disco feel of "Fur Lined" and its buzzsaw guitars.

Only the end of the set during "On The Wing" would the electronic light curtains open and fully reveal all the band members. The nervous tick feel of "Strings and Attractors" continued to keep the momentum driving forward. "We Fade Away" was the perfect set closer as the lyrics repeat the phrase of "we fade away" and the visuals come to an apex with the members seemingly fading away. It will be interesting to see how Coachella patrons respond to their set, but I will definitely be staying till the end to catch them again.

Hailing from New York, DIIV assembled a strong opening set by perfectly dialing up crystalline reverb and delay drenched guitars that were undeniably catchy and I couldn't help but keep my foot tapping along to their songs. Definitely another act to watch for and catch at Coachella.

Critical Bias: My vacation to England happened to coincide with seven Nine Inch Nails shows back in 2007.

The Crowd: Not as many Nine Inch Nails shirts in the crowd as I expected but definitely a lot of the same familiar faces that I saw throughout the years when Nine Inch Nails toured.

Overheard In The Crowd: Obligatory "I Love you Trent" shouts from various locations in the venue.

Random Notebook Dump: Brett Gurewitz from Bad Religion was standing next to me and former Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese was also close by judging from his Instagram.

"The Wake-Up"
"Keep It Together"
"And The Sky Began to Scream"
"Ice Age"
"The Believers"
"How Long?"
"Welcome Oblivion"
"The Space In Between"
"The Loop Closes"
"A Drowning"
"On The Wing"
"String and Attractors"
"We Fade Away"


04/11/13 4:17 PM

mjfru posted:
Trent's voice, from the examples provided in those lovely youtube videos posted above, sounds really refreshed from taking a break!

He's probably thrilled with not having to scream him self hoarse every night. I was wondering if some of the reconfiguring of NIN songs would be designed to help save his voice.

Anyhow, the HTDA visuals look amazing! I hope the band had a blast.


04/11/13 9:42 PM

Wow, that was amazing! Mariqueen really took the spotlight. It's good to hear Trent's voice refreshed as well. I can't believe I'm missing out on this tour.


04/12/13 1:06 AM

The footage I have seen so far looks fucking amazing.


04/12/13 10:01 PM

I'm going to miss the live stream tonight. I have to be up quite early in the morning, and the show doesn't start until three in the morning in my time zone, so I can't watch it.
As sad as I am, I kind of don't want to see any full videos anyway so it can be a completely new and amazing experience when I see them later this month.
When I saw NIN on the With Teeth tour, I specifically didn't watch any videos at all before the show, so when I saw it, it completely blew my mind, and I really want that same kind of experience with HTDA.


04/13/13 6:25 AM

I always try not to watch any videos before a show..but I can't resist!!
drinking some coffee and enjoying some YouTube. Thanks superfan..great videos.They all look amazing on stage. If the visuals are this good for HTDA..then nin will b super.


04/16/13 6:34 AM

Making How to Destroy Angels


Short interview w/ TR, MMR, AR, RS on visual concept.


04/16/13 9:52 AM

^ interesting!


04/16/13 9:06 PM

And the Award for Best Visual Effects at Coachella Goes to...

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor's digi-industrial band, How to Destroy Angels, made their live debut at Coachella late Friday night, and the quintet didn't spare any (any!!!) expense on their accompanying visuals. This wasn't just a concert—it was an art installation. And one worth writing home about.

Get this: Overhead, six flat metal squares (say, eight feet by eight feet in size) were attached to cross-stage tracking. Each square draped four see-through curtains, composed of finger-diameter clear plastic rods. White, blue, red and purple lights were projected onto the rods from behind and in front of the stage. The effect, sImilar to the cover of the band's new EP An Omen, looked like the quintet were behind the opaque screen of a TV, especially when white snow static was projected onto them.

Real talk: It was worthy of an installation at the Museum of Modern Art. Seriously impressive stuff.

Fronted by Reznor's wife, former West Indian Girl singer/Playboy model Mariqueen Maandig, the band summondc a chilling, atmospheric digital sound with keys, bass, guitar and computers. The stocky, ripped Reznor—who won an Oscar for bringing a similar sound to films like The Social Network—was on guitar, keys and backing vocals, providing an aggressive, muscular low end of Maandig's coo.

The visuals and music were in lock step, a compliment to each other. After performing the first few songs behind the curtains, on "And the Sky Began to Scream" Maandig and and Reznor traded verses: "I will, tear it down, to the ground, and build another one." Just then, the metal squares/curtains shifted on the overhead tracks, revealing the band.

During tracks from their new LP, including the self-titled track, lights flashes in unison with the metal-shrapnel skitters, like a bulb shorting out. Another light flashed on Reznor, and his collborator Atticus Ross, like they were wearing reflective metal plates (they weren't) while graph lines projected on the LED screen. It was a visual feast.

On "Ice Age," another gem from Oblivion with twangy acoustic strums interpreted as digital blips and bleeps, Maandig sang, "Sometimes I open up the walls and disappear," which is exactly what happened as the squares shifted again overhead, now concealing the band and leaving the lead singer front and center, her flowing white gown bathed in blue spotlights.

It was a star vocal turn, too—Maandig was like Stevie Nicks circa 3013. "Sometimes, the crashing of the waves is all I hear / Ocean, oh, help me find a way / Ocean, oh, wash us all away." A discordant, musical shrapnel rose in the background, swelling and then crashing like an ocean wave of 1s and 0s.

Afterward, Reznor rewarded her with a kiss. She deserved it.

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