Bath salts, Cannibal Drug, so it begins
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06/18/12 5:58 PM

What if he was on bath salts? we'd all die


06/18/12 5:16 PM


06/20/12 11:11 PM

^^OH, GOD!!

That's too funny.

Personally, I can't believe this stuff is happening. It's surreal.


06/21/12 10:39 AM

Suge posted:
smllyjlly posted:
I really need a gun. all i have is a dull machete sad smiley

Sorry, I had to...



06/21/12 3:24 PM

you cant make this shit up


06/29/12 11:20 PM

Apparently, he only had pot in his system...

CNN posted:
The naked Florida man who chewed off the face of another man last month in a zombie-like cannibal attack used marijuana but not "bath salts" as police had suspected, authorities said Wednesday.

Rudy Eugene, 31, was killed by a police officer after Eugene's 18-minute attack on a homeless man. His body didn't show "any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs," according to the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department.

"The department has also sought the assistance of an outside forensic toxicology reference laboratory, which has confirmed the absence of 'bath salts,' synthetic marijuana and LSD," the statement said.

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06/30/12 11:43 PM

Great.. Just what we need.. another dumbass makin' the world more paranoid about weed...


07/01/12 12:19 AM

Yeah, seriously. I seriously disbelieve that just weed made him do it. He had to at least have been mentally ill.


07/13/12 10:32 PM

The toxicology report filed by the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner ruled out bath salts as a possible cause for the Miami Cannibal's behavior. A battery tests revealed only the presence of THC in the man's system.

No stimulants. No hallucinogens. No bath salts.

This one's busted, folks. The dude was just plain old batshit crazy.


07/14/12 12:19 AM

I've got some good-sized kitchen knives and a baseball bat. I think I should get a crowbar, a flamethrower, and a shotgun and some ammo too, just for good measure.

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