Watching Sports: Why do people enjoy it?
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10/18/09 2:32 AM

First off, it's not so much that I'm making a rant here as it is that I'm trying to understand the typical human mind a little better. This is something I've been pondering from time to time seeing how even many intelligent people tend to partake in this activity.

I honestly do not understand the appeal of watching a sports game anymore. I love playing sports and I'm a fairly athletic guy, but when a group of friends decide to get together and watch an entire basketball, football, soccer, baseball, etc. game, I'm completely bored to tears. I used to have a mild interest in watching basketball and hockey games when I was younger, but only because of the novelty of it at the time. Let's just face it, we are practically seeing the same shit over and over again. Yes, the team statistics vary year by year and so do some of the players, but I feel that there is still just no point to this activity one bit unless you have aspirations to play through high school, college, and/or professionally. What surprises me even more is how there are people out there who would rather watch sports than play them! I deem the olympic games to be an exception here, since they are once every couple of years and they are a bit more exciting seeing how every country in the world is competing against each other.

So who here agrees with me or could enlighten me a little?


10/18/09 3:39 AM

you don't understand why sports have been dramatic entertainment throughout history, or you just don't like it? it's an important distinction


10/18/09 3:40 AM

I'm definitely on the same page, myself I'd rather be at a live game than watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio to me it makes me want to stab my eyes/ears out with multiple blunt objects.

I don't even really follow sports either.. i don't care about stats/players or who scored what goal i just pay attention to the team i want to win if I'm actually at the game. If I'm not at the game however then well I'll look up the score boards or ask a buddy to find out what happened. Besides that I'll play certain sports with some friends for a bit of recreation and fun but that's as far as i go with it.

People get so damn religious of this shit and touchy about it that it really aggravates me, i was at a friends place a few nights ago for a party and his brother is getting all pissy because their mom is double pvr-ing and he can't use the tv to watch "the game" so he ends up being a douche bag the whole night trying to rile us all up while myself and my friends are just trying to have a drama free good time. It's like oh boo hoo it doesn't have a fucking story line go and google the damn score the next day and get over yourself as I'm sure your favorite player won't get killed off like seriously.

I try not to associate myself with too many sports fanatics because it just drives me to drink and it causes too many arguments especially with girlfriends who act this way.

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10/18/09 8:40 AM

i love sports. specifically hockey and football. i suck at playing everything but my naturally competitive side comes out when i'm @ a hockey game. it sounds lame but i feel like i'm a part of the team or something. i'm not obsessed the way some fanatics are and i don't follow player stats too closely but i try to keep up with "my" teams. it brings people together and it's something that i like talking to my dad about (we don't talk all that much so we can at least bond over hockey).
some people like to place bets on games/teams & all that.


10/18/09 9:39 AM

Its an epic viseral experience rooted in the most primal of mans great joys...competition!

and hockey kicks ass! Baseball can be kind of boring, but hockey and football are amazing to enjoy if you really care about the teams.


10/19/09 3:14 PM

Baseball is relaxing. Football is wildly unpredictable. My dad used to be a soccer hooligan when we lived in Europe. I guess passion for watching sports kind of rubbed off on me. Plus, I think spending a Sunday watching football while curled up on a couch in blanket is one of the best things ever. Especially if you're recovering from a hangover.
I also think you have to take into consideration the Fantasy League portion of sports. A lot of my friends participate in multiple leagues which gives them even more incentive to watch sports on t.v. Also, not everyone can afford to go to games or have access to facilities where sports can be played. I couldn't even play sports when I was young due to a medical condition, so I adopted the fan mentality.
It's a wide variety of factors, but it comes down to personal choice. I don't think you can quantify something like that.


10/19/09 4:42 PM

[quote thehandNIN21] Plus, I think spending a Sunday watching football while curled up on a couch in blanket is one of the best things ever. Especially if you're recovering from a hangover.

could not agree more!


10/19/09 5:01 PM

[quote heatherette333][quote thehandNIN21] Plus, I think spending a Sunday watching football while curled up on a couch in blanket is one of the best things ever. Especially if you're recovering from a hangover.

could not agree more![/quote]

^^that was great smiling smiley

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10/20/09 10:18 AM

Football, especially college, is a favorite passtime of mine. Nothing bettet than having snacks and sitting and watching a game on a cool and breezy Fall day. Even better is going to one!

Ive spent many a dollar on college football.


10/24/09 1:50 PM

the competetiveness of sports is what i love...whether it be football (college or pro)and other sports like nascar, baseball, etc. bring out the primal human nature of a challenge being won by the superior force. other than that, i just love the excitement and entertainment. smiling smiley

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