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09/22/10 3:06 PM

Trent has asked that we organize another video interview, with questions taken from the community. If you are not familiar with the original interview from last year, check here: Questions for Trent: video & final 10 questions. He has asked that the interview take place around the opening of The Social Network film (Oct. 1st), so we don't have a lot of time for voting ect.

The mods will have to work-out the particulars, but for now, you can start posting questions for Trent here in this thread. We'll post updates here in this thread as we finalize things - we don't know the answers to the obvious questions yet, like who will do the interview, how will we choose the questions, etc. Please limit yourself to one post with a few questions. We are not sure when we will close this thread, but it probably won't be before Monday, Sep. 27th.

update: Interviewer = ShitFuckDamn

update: Questions Thread will be closed Sunday September 26 at midnight PST.

New update: August 28, 2011.

Yes - this is on again! And since it has been a while, we are reopening the thread for fresh questions. If you have posted previously in this thread, you may post again. Like before, post once with a few questions. The thread will be closed Monday, September 5th at 10pm pacific time. The moderators will vote and choose 10 questions for the interview.

The video interview will be conducted by ShitFuckDamn. The date of the interview is yet to be determined.

*Please - no Tapeworm questions!*

*Thank you for your patience!*

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09/22/10 3:10 PM

How did you come up with the system of Halo numbering for the Nine Inch Nails releases, and is Sigil going to be the same method for How To Destroy Angels?

When you first met Rob Sheridan, did you intend for it to be such a long-term partnership, or were you simply looking for a site and album design?

Topspin is a good company, but they have had several issues that many fans have been affected by. Why do you still use them rather than services like bandcamp, or even using a label subsidiary - you seem to get on better with Sony than previous labels.

Fansites like The NIN Hotline, Echoing The Sound, NINWiki and NINCatalog have created an impressive archive of information on pretty much everything you've ever done. Does the level of information out there feel like an invasion of privacy, or is it something you have become accustomed to?

And finally, you mentioned wanting to create a video game once. Could you expand on the idea?

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09/22/10 3:11 PM

Boxers or Briefs?


09/22/10 3:11 PM

Question 1:
I listen to music on a variety of different devices. What hardware and EQ settings would you recommend to most accurately reproduce the sound you get in the studio?

Question 2:
Do you adjust any of your recording methods to target MP3 encoding artifacts?*

Question 3:
Also, is there a possibility of "An Evening of Ghosts"? If you do it in LA at a theater, start it early enough, hey back home by bedtime.

Article reference:

The Sizzling Sound of Music []

"Berger then said that he tests his incoming students each year in a similar way. He has them listen to a variety of recordings which use different formats from MP3 to ones of much higher quality. He described the results with some disappointment and frustration, as a music lover might, that each year the preference for music in MP3 format rises. In other words, students prefer the quality of that kind of sound over the sound of music of much higher quality. He said that they seemed to prefer "sizzle sounds" that MP3s bring to music. It is a sound they are familiar with."

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09/22/10 3:08 PM

A question about the soundtrack:

Do you think your soundtrack changed the general mood of the movie? What influence did the music have on it?


09/22/10 3:19 PM

What ever did happen to that With Teeth essay you said that you were going to include? What was it on? Why didn't it get included?


09/22/10 3:20 PM

What was your general impression after seeing the finished "Another Version Of The Truth" Blu-Ray/DVD?


09/22/10 3:26 PM

1) A question about the soundtrack: When coming up with the titles of the tracks, did it come organically or do the titles reflect the theme of a particular scene? I guess what I am asking is...are the track titles a reflection of the theme of the scene or a feeling you get from the track itself?

2) Question: Would you EVER consider recording an album/CD of just classical music...piano and nothing more?

3) Question: Somewhat personal ~ do you have name(s) picked out for Lil' Rez? Will there be a formal announcement of the birth or will we have to speculate rumors. (I hate rumors)

4) Question: Have you considered writing an autobiography, and if so what are the possibilities of it happening?

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09/22/10 3:27 PM

Probably the first of many questions I'll post but the first one that comes to mind:

- Something I've been considering recently is how the internet has been a great tool for connecting people and information and making the world a smaller place. However it's also got it's darker recesses where you can find all sorts of depraved and unusual stuff, which has led to more and more people being exposed to such information. Examples of this would be things such as goatse, which is fairly mild, right up to being able to download videos of people being decapitated in Iraq and Afghanistan. The result of this has been that people are becoming more and more densensitised and harder to shock.

Considering that NIN often baited the mainstream with controversy around things like the Sin video, the Broken movie, the Tate House and the themes in TDS; and that your protege Marilyn Manson himself heavily played off shock value to get into the mainstream and put forth his message and music. Do you consider the internet's role in densensitising mainstream views to have damaged the ability of musicians such as yourself to break through and mark a mark for yourself?

It's hard to imagine a world today where music would be quite so virilently attacked and blamed for all of society's ills as it was in the mid to late 90s. When there was this crazy fear that people like yourself were somehow corrupting the youth via exposing them to things that they see with a quick google search these days. However on the flipside it also removes the ability to get noticed by doing something controversial or unusual. Something which would be invaluable given the fragmented nature of the music industry these days, once again because of the internet.

- As no one else has asked it yet (I assume it'll be a popular question and this will get it out of the way) whats happening with The Fragile reissue at the moment and when can we expect to see it?

- Was Richard Patrick really Piggy as he claims to be and does this mean the song was (partly along with how it fits the TDS concept) created as a response to him leaving NIN?

- Speaking of movie scores, what other composers would you like to work with in the near future? I personally think your musical style would go brilliantly with Hans Zimmer's work for Christopher Nolan (BB, TDK, Inception).

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09/22/10 3:30 PM

Fuck yes.

Question: Going back to the Bridge School Benefit shows. Martin St. Pierre's homepage says that these tracks were also recorded in the studio. Is this true? If so, is there the possibility of a release someday?


09/22/10 3:27 PM

Is there any chance of ever seeing a remastered AATCHB DVD? I know there are limits on what can be done to enhance the quality, but any improvement in the video quality would be much appreciated, and with modern technology, there would be the obvious benefit of being able to have higher quality audio and having it all fit onto a single dvd/bluray


Semi-related, has any thought been given to releasing all the unused soundboard audio from that tour in any form?


Have you or are you considering branching out musically and experimenting with a sound or style that's drastically different from the signature sound that appears in basically all your other work?


09/22/10 4:08 PM


Question is: Could you recommend 3 movie soundtracks worth listening to?

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09/22/10 4:09 PM

Now that you've had some time to do a couple of projects outside of NIN (How to Destroy Angels EP and upcoming LP, The Social Network), in what direction do you think you would go if you were to return to the studio to make a NIN record?


09/22/10 4:10 PM

1. It's common knowledge that you are a fan of old school video games and foreign films (e.g. The Tetsuo series) but are there any anime series you enjoy and have they had an influence on your work or your life?


2. The track "A Warm Place" is absolutely beautiful but it's mood on The Downward Spiral is quite unique and different to the rest of the album. What was the actual motivation, feeling or internal monologue behind the song? What were you going through when you made that song?


3. Again, what was the idea for the video game that you pitched?


4. I loved the crazy energy and composition of "The Bullet Man". It's a fantastic and remarkable piece of music. Would you consider making any music like that in the future? Perhaps even a noise based approach on the Ghosts concept?


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09/22/10 5:10 PM

At the final Nine Inch Nails show you said you would be making music in the future with Ilan, Justin and Robin, has anything come of that yet or is their any plans in the near future to work with them?


09/22/10 4:11 PM

1. Are you planning on signing any new artists on the Null Corporation label?

2. Is the "The Fragile"-deluxe package still on schedule for 2010?

3. Is HTDA up for a European tour anytime next year?


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09/22/10 4:03 PM

What part of the film composition process surprised or impacted you most?

- - -

David Fincher has said that you initially turned him down about doing the score. What changed your mind?

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09/22/10 4:08 PM

Question #1
What has become of the footage that was filmed during the final dates of the Wave Goodbye tour? Will we ever see it?

Question #2
Now that you have one movie score under your belt do you think you would like to do it again? And if so, what other directors would you like to work with?

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09/22/10 4:20 PM

^ FUCK! Seriously? How did you post the same exact question before me?

After the scoring this film, do you see yourself doing this a lot more in the future? Any particular directors that you would want to work with?

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09/22/10 4:11 PM

1) what you think about This one is on us, and the hard work it takes arrange all the material, plus what do you think of the similar work Radiohead is doing?


09/22/10 4:21 PM

As someone that basically has left social networking. Why the choice to create music for a movie about social networking?

Mark Cameron


09/22/10 4:23 PM

From your message on nullco's The Social Network site, you said you had a great time working on this soundtrack. In addition to your past work on film soundtracks, do you want to work on more film scores, or is TSN more of a side project for now while your family grows and while you're taking a little break from the intense touring life?

Do you ever give Rob Sheridan your opinions (assuming you have any) on his personal portfolio of work?


09/22/10 4:24 PM

Question 1: You mentioned in the HTDA tumblr Q&A's that some of the sounds in "The Believers" were created using the iPhone app "Bebot" and with HTDA being featured in Wired's first iPad mag, I was wondering what your thoughts of using mobile tech like iPhones and iPads as music creation and distribution devices. Are "Album Apps" releases in the future?

Question 2: Sticking with the current theme of soundtracks, fans were asked to create their own videos using Ghosts songs as the soundtrack for a festival of sorts. Are there still plans to move forward with this?


09/22/10 4:24 PM

Question: With Mr. Fincher's upcoming project, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, there was a lot of media hype about who would play this version's Lisbeth Salander. I'm a HUGE fan of the original Swedish movies and the books. Well now for me, I'm hyping myself about who is going to score the Fincher version? I think you'd be perfect to score this movie and its sequels. Has there been any mention or talk that you will be involved with the score? It would be nice to keep the NIN/Reznor/Fincher connection alive: "Closer (Precursor)" for SEVEN, Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk has said he listened to The Downward Spiral a lot when writing the novel), and Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross score for TSN. Just a thought. (Personal note: PLEASE DO IT IF YOU'RE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY!) Thanks! smiling smiley


09/22/10 4:26 PM

The VIP thing that you did for Eric de la Cruz during the last tour was amazing on so many levels, mostly for Eric (and others in need) but also for us fans to get to say thank you and goodbye. You guys got to meet a LOT of fans in those weeks, so what was the funniest or weirdest fan encounter?


09/22/10 4:27 PM

Hey Trent, I always wanted to ask if you ever thought about doing any collaborations with any artists from the Hip Hop community? Also, with the anticipation of the social network soundtrack, will we see you doing more scores for other films in the future?


09/22/10 4:28 PM

Any chance of signing more artists to the null co label? Have you seen/heard/met any recently that you considered signing?


09/22/10 4:28 PM

seduso posted:
Hey Trent, I always wanted to ask if you ever thought about doing any collaborations with any artists from the Hip Hop community? Also, with the anticipation of the social network soundtrack, will we see you doing more scores for other films in the future?

You might want to check out The Inevitable Rise and Liberation Of Niggy Tardust winking smiley


09/22/10 4:29 PM

What are you most looking forward to about fatherhood?


09/22/10 4:29 PM

I understand you use Native Instruments products and was wondering if you would ever do a NIN expansion pack . or NIN drum kits for Battery...or possibly a NIN bank for the Access Virus .....I would really wanna see all the synth layering you do

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