news 12.24.10: Happy Holidays!
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12/24/10 10:10 PM

trent reznor posted:
Bowery Ballroom
New York City
August 22nd, 2009
9:17 PM EST
Song 1
Somewhat Damaged


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12/24/10 10:12 PM



12/24/10 10:15 PM

Given the production of this, does this mean there was DVD made of the final tour and something else could be forthcoming? Who knows, this alone is awesome.


12/24/10 11:15 PM

Fantastic! Even though I didn't hit this show, it sure brings back the Wave Goodbye THANK YOU!


12/24/10 10:15 PM

im spending christmas eve all alone, because i have to work tomorrow. Thanks for brightening my night smiling smiley

nine inch nails ow!


12/24/10 10:18 PM

Fucking beautiful. I'm pretty sure this is merely a taste of more awesome stuff to come in the future =D


12/24/10 10:19 PM

Thanks for the early morning Christmas gift guys! I never realized how small the final venues were. Pogo stick Trent FTW

Seeing how it's labled "Song 1", I'm guessing there is more to come.

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12/24/10 10:19 PM

Ummf. Outstanding Trent and team! Thanks mega guys. This rocks. Hard.
Happy Holidays fellas.



12/24/10 10:21 PM

Sweet, thanks Trent.

Merry X-Mas!


12/24/10 10:22 PM

Thanks that was great smiling smiley


12/24/10 10:23 PM

Thanks, and the same to you smiling smiley

And of course, its rolling across twitterverse and #nin chat now. Ringing question: Is there more?


12/24/10 10:23 PM

Christmas just got fucking awesome.


12/24/10 10:23 PM

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!


12/24/10 10:24 PM

Merry Christmas to Trent & Co! Looking forward to a lot of new music from the legend in 2011!!!!


12/24/10 10:26 PM

That made my evening!


12/24/10 10:29 PM

You've made me so very happy. I'm so glad you came into my life.


12/24/10 10:29 PM


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12/24/10 10:35 PM



12/24/10 10:37 PM

woo thanks! ahh nin live never fails to get me all riled up. can't wait to see what else may be coming. happy holidays right back at ya! grinning smiley


12/24/10 10:41 PM

What a great song to start Christmas day.

One of the greatest NIN songs live.


12/24/10 10:41 PM

grinning smiley


12/24/10 10:47 PM

Thanks for thinking of us at Christmas, Trent. I hope your holiday season is everything you want it to be. Love, April


12/24/10 10:48 PM

Fuck yeah!!!


12/24/10 10:49 PM

in sert drool icon here.

Are we getting the whole fragile album live?!?!? J/W cause this says Song 1.


12/24/10 10:50 PM

BillyReznor88 posted:
Given the production of this, does this mean there was DVD made of the final tour and something else could be forthcoming? Who knows, this alone is awesome.
I do remember Trent mentioning releasing their own tour dvd/br a long time back for the Wave Goodbye tour. How it gets released, or if it does, we have yet to see. I would definitely buy it if it were released, and I'm sure Trent knows lots of us would.


12/24/10 10:51 PM

This is the best christmas! I hope we get a torrent of the files!! grinning smiley


12/24/10 10:53 PM

as beautiful as it get's, I love how you shaped my life, Merry Christmas!


12/24/10 10:58 PM

Man I hope this is a sign of thing to come! Thank You this truly mad my Christmas!


12/24/10 10:59 PM

Thank you, totally made x-mas worth it, i miss live shows, shit i miss good music smiling smiley


12/24/10 11:05 PM

Also saw TDS played from beginning to end in Hollywood. There were plenty of HD cameras around! PLEASE LET US SEE IT!!!

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