news 10.8.12: New single and upcoming EP from How to destroy angels.
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10/08/12 2:50 PM

trent reznor posted:
Listen to "Keep it together," the new track from How to destroy angels (Mariqueen Maandig, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Rob Sheridan). From An omen EP_ out November 13th. For more updates follow HTDA on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Tumblr, and YouTube.

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10/08/12 3:12 PM

I have two words for this one:



10/08/12 3:22 PM

It's been on repeat ever since it was released. I'm loving it!


10/08/12 4:04 PM

They're back...


10/08/12 4:21 PM

I have ten words for this one.....

Time to make some new Nine Inch Nails material Trent.....

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10/08/12 4:42 PM

I really like this track. It's so eerie.


10/08/12 5:41 PM

T. posted:
I have ten words for this one.....

Time to make some new Nine Inch Nails material Trent.....
Congratulation, you made a new account just to be a dick. I'm sure your day is now complete.

On topic: I think it's a strange choice for a lead single, but it's a really gorgeous song, and I can't wait for the full EP.
And the lyrics are transcribed here: []


10/08/12 6:15 PM

Love this song and can't wait to see this band live!!!


10/08/12 6:21 PM

as of this post, i have not listened to the new song yet, but i just want to say a few "thank yous" first...

to Trent and company, THANK YOU for everything so far and everything to come, and THANK YOU for making this song available for free in the highest quality for MP3! i was definitely going to do whatever it took to get this song legitimately. i even found out the Freegal service through my local library system would have the song available, so i was planning on downloading it through there, but you surprised us with the upload to Soundcloud! THANK YOU for putting the song up on Soundcloud! as a free download! i definitely want to buy the EP digitally AND on vinyl and i will save the money to buy them, whatever it takes...


[EDIT] just heard the song via the video on YouTube... i don't know why people on there are complaining. i personally think it's an excellent song and makes a perfect single!

again, THANK YOU, Trent and company!

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10/08/12 7:25 PM

Forget the free downloads for me, Trent.


10/08/12 7:44 PM

gritty, funky, subtle, with nice singing/lyrics to compliment. not exactly a banger like bbb, but a chill jam. the two voices also went well together, with a nice, pretty ending. great to hear more of trent's mature, precise music. cheers!


10/08/12 8:56 PM

very interesting, i am ready to hear some more and get some awesome remixes going. love this compared to the garbage that is being produced, but i wonder how much will Colombia try to control...


10/08/12 9:49 PM

Very nicely done, you guys!


10/08/12 11:41 PM

New material on the eve of a final is always good! Can't wait to see you talk on Sunday!!


10/08/12 10:43 PM

I'm happy smiling smiley


10/08/12 11:16 PM

The most humble thank you!


10/08/12 11:22 PM

Not exactly what I'm still waiting for which is new Nine Inch Nails but I'm glad to see he cares for his lovely wife's music career, that's lovely.



10/08/12 11:54 PM

right now, or probably as of a few hours ago, the single is available on iTunes and Amazon at $1.29 each. i will gladly pay for and buy the track from both outlets! however, i did download the track from HTDA's official Soundcloud page, where it is available for free, and through Freegal Music, which you can access through your local library system...

the more i listen to "Keep it together", the more i realize i can't thank good ol' Mr. Reznor and HTDA enough for this wonderful work!


10/09/12 12:55 AM

Definitely will grab it through iTunes in the morning.

It's great to finally have new material, and while I'm digging the moodiness of the track, I really hope there'll be songs featuring vocals w/ a little more kick to them. MQ does the dark, breathy, ethereal thing quite well, but I'm dying to hear her go full throttle. Fur Lined was a hell of a teaser on the debut EP. More like that, please!


10/09/12 1:07 AM

Not, what I expected and just what I expected.
Mariqueen´s voice is like a tender cloud above this stomach-breaking baseline.
So much hidden dynamic development in just one track.
Think the EP is going to kill me!
Thank you so much that after all these years of brilliance you still pluck my heartstrings like nothing else in this world!


10/09/12 3:32 AM

no pre order info anywhere? i couldn't find any...


10/09/12 3:46 AM

As with the last release from HTDA, I absolutely love this new song. Just cannot wait for more! "Keep It Together" is just so eerie and atmospheric... Yet beautiful. I love hearing the classic HTDA bass-lines and heavy synth. The dark, slow tone of the song is reminiscent of NIN and HTDA alike. And, as with everyone else I'm sure, SSOOOOOOO happy to hear your Voice Trent. Can't wait for more, thanks.


10/09/12 5:29 AM

thumbs up... Nice to hear Trent's voice.grinning smiley


10/09/12 6:12 AM

Wow! The singles very different and brave. A feel slow burner. A good sound system makes the most of the track. I am looking forward to the new EP shame there will be no CD version (Sorry I am old and I like CDS).


10/09/12 7:03 AM

I think HTDA has a very young appeal. I like NIN a lot so I checked HTDA out...seems it stays wet instead of drying up^ in places of giving. C'est la vie


10/09/12 8:31 AM

Very interesting.

"the skin that separates us"

Does this have to do with skin colour & race?


Does this have to do with being released from from your body; becoming concious & even physical on a different level or in some other plane?

"There is a voice inside of me"

Is this mediumship? There is a track called "Speaking in tounges"... related?

Why doesn't the person telling the story want to hear the message? Well she does I'm guessing, but she doesn't want to hear what it has to say... Danger? Too difficult to handle the message?

Yes, I'll also admit how it's easy to connect this with The Warning.

The way it spoke to us, You felt it from inside

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10/09/12 8:36 AM

Lyrics from NINWIKI; i mixed it up a little... not official

I feel the skin that separates us, start to fade
And when I lie on top of you, I'm afraid
I can see right through myself, crystal clear
I am disassembling, I could disappear, disappear

There is a voice inside of me, I don't know
And all his words keep echoing, tremolo
I've been waiting for a sign, to appear
He has a message waiting for me, but I don't wanna hear

I promise
I swear
I can't
I can't keep it together

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10/09/12 10:18 AM

It is so nice to hear your voice again!


10/09/12 10:20 AM

Kind of like it & lov it! I'd favorite on & like it the official Upload of Keep It Together on Youtube yesterday & This Is Great! I Like it! thumbs up cool smiley


10/09/12 10:26 AM

Not the type of music I prefer, but looking forward to hearing the EP/Album as a whole.

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