news 2.28.13: NIN returns
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02/28/13 4:20 PM

trent reznor posted:
Nine Inch Nails are returning to the stage this year for a number of shows worldwide including a US arena tour this fall. The lineup of the band includes Eric Avery, Adrian Belew, Alessandro Cortini, Joshua Eustis, and Ilan Rubin, along with Trent Reznor. The first shows will be this summer. The tour page will be gradually filling in with dates and info. More details here.

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02/28/13 4:25 PM


You have no idea what you're talking about in nearly every post of yours I've had the misfortune of reading.


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02/28/13 4:39 PM


~Bless this tour with love grace and gratitude...

and rainbows and fairy dust and cherries on top!!!


02/28/13 4:39 PM

Welcome back..Hope you enjoyed the chilling time..bring it on spinning smiley sticking its tongue out


02/28/13 4:40 PM

Come to Alaska!!!!!


02/28/13 4:48 PM

I'm glad Trent has forgiven Pitchfork, because i haven't!



02/28/13 4:49 PM

Liking the new, black "intro" page. Hope to see the rest of this site get updated for 2013 NIN, and welcome back dammit.thumbs up


02/28/13 4:54 PM

Cannot wait!!!!smiling smileysmiling smileysmiling smiley


02/28/13 4:55 PM

This is going to be awesome!!!! I can't wait!!


02/28/13 5:06 PM

So excited!


02/28/13 5:10 PM

I can't wait. Please come to Vancouver Canada!


02/28/13 5:15 PM

YES!! "This is the only time I really feel alive."
About frigging time TR
smiling smiley


02/28/13 6:05 PM

I am SO excited to be back on the NIN forums again smiling smiley

it has been FAR too long. Welcome back Trent and new company, you're a dad and a husband now, crazy!! simply CANNOT wait to see what the future holds grinning smiley

that is, aside from the already AMAZING news thats been coming out latley. New HTDA music AND and tour?! I thought that was enough of a mindf**k...but now NIN reformation, touring, AND new music?!

i suddenly feel back in my element ^_^


02/28/13 6:26 PM

Tours are cool, but new music is better. Now back to Michale Graves new album Vagabond to keep me occupied while i wait for another epic NIN release.


02/28/13 6:47 PM

Woo hoo!


02/28/13 7:15 PM

I'm glad but also very apprehensive at the same time. Music has to evolve and so do we but I don't know if I can take this new direction. Just remember drastic change also has consquences as does everything in life.


02/28/13 7:44 PM

He spoils us so much.

Thank you!


02/28/13 9:07 PM

Can't wait! grinning smiley


02/28/13 8:30 PM

Exciting news!!!! Cant wait to see you again trent


02/28/13 8:34 PM

HurtNoMore posted:
I'm glad Trent has forgiven Pitchfork, because i haven't!


-"Trent Reznor is the worst, most predictable, most uninspired lyricist working today."

--the author of that review was the dumbest organic bag of loser ever thrown upon this earth. I hope he died of colon cancer shortly after writing that garbage


02/28/13 8:35 PM

Woot! This is going to be a good year! smiling smiley


02/28/13 8:46 PM

sad smiley


02/28/13 8:46 PM


02/28/13 9:43 PM

...................... Shit sorry, my heart stopped for a sec there... Kickass. Trent, Thank you so much.


02/28/13 9:48 PM

Truly thought Wave Goodbye was really goodbye, so I am beyond excited.


03/01/13 12:31 AM

Jesus fucking Christ this is great...hope they come to England at some point. If not, it's just great to know that NIN is back. I can't wait for a fresh direction, as I've changed a lot in the past few years myself.


03/01/13 1:02 AM

Dreams do come true smiling smiley


03/01/13 2:27 AM

I can't wait. Hope to see NIN return to NorCal.


03/01/13 7:17 AM

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like NIN was never away with all great side projects going on.


03/01/13 7:18 AM

I am suddenly, dangerously and irrefutably enamored of Fall 2013, for some unknown reason.

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