news 5.17.13: I am proud to announce that the tour lineup now includes the incredible Robin Finck. The addition...
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05/17/13 12:01 PM

trent reznor posted:
I am proud to announce that the tour lineup now includes the incredible Robin Finck. The addition of Robin to the mix of players I've assembled makes this band incredibly powerful and versatile. We are deep in the rehearsal process and it feels exciting and great to be back at this. Lots of information, surprises and sweat headed your way. Stay tuned!


Nine Inch Nails: Adrian Belew / Alessandro Cortini / Josh Eustis / Robin Finck / Trent Reznor / Ilan Rubin

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05/17/13 12:06 PM

Looking forward to the tour and new material! As always, keep up the great work!


05/17/13 12:11 PM

HELLYEAH! great news!


05/17/13 12:24 PM

Sweet picture


05/17/13 12:26 PM

I've never seen Trent with glasses. This is great news, I love Robin!


05/17/13 12:58 PM

is that hipster trent or just old trent ?


05/17/13 1:07 PM

so excited for this boys! xo


05/17/13 1:21 PM

Can't have a good show without sweat! Robin's awesome! I really hope you can make it to South FL smiling smiley


05/17/13 1:38 PM

looks like old time trent went fishin' with his guitar.

"get back over here finky."


05/17/13 2:06 PM

BEST NEWS I could have never expected to get today! How awesome is this?! Robin is the best, and there is so much to look forward to this year smiling smiley

I'm still riding the HTDA high that i've had for months now, but now new NIN material and shows coming, AND the perfect lineup?....oh man, I love 2013

p.s. happy birtday, Trent!


05/17/13 2:49 PM

HELL YES!!!!!! I'm so fucking excited!!!!!!smiling smileysmiling smileysmiling smiley


05/17/13 3:32 PM

I am already shouting as if I was at the concert:


This update rules!


05/17/13 3:33 PM

Awwwww YEEEAh!


05/17/13 3:36 PM

The Perfect Chris posted:
Awwwww YEEEAh!



05/17/13 4:00 PM

Updating lineup pic with "Robin"-- I heard he loves birds mean we all know what he looks like at this

Robin Finck

Alessandro Cortini and Trent

Eric Avery

Adrian Belew

Josh Eustis

Ilan Rubin

EDIT 1: Replaced Eric Avery with Robin Finck... "There can be only ONE!!"
thanks OMS!

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05/17/13 4:37 PM

When asked what I missed most about NINs, I said Robin Finck... now my prayers have been answered!!
God damn this makes my day!


05/17/13 4:45 PM

The Finckster's back! How awesome is that?

Robin and Adrien, just can't wait to see this! Awesomeness overload!


05/17/13 4:54 PM

votiVe posted:
Updating lineup pic with Robin--

Eric Avery

I guess you haven't heard...

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05/17/13 7:03 PM

okay, this is important enough to me to return just to say:

FUCK YES ROBIN IS BACK!!!!!! As much as I cannot wait to hear how this version reconfigures the songs and am especially excited about Adrian and Josh in the mix, the NIN geek in me is jumping up and down for pure joy. I always professed my love of Robin's playing in NIN, both in style and substance, and to me he is an integral part of the mood and landscape of NIN live. pure and mother fucking simple.

And its pretty obvious to those who know me, but I am beside myself that NIN live is returning while I am still on this earth. Things are not well with me, and I 100% thought I would be gone before NIN live returned. I am eternally grateful that Trent got itching to go back out this soon (okay, and that modern medicine is so fucking wonderful that it limped my ass along to 2013)!


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05/17/13 8:30 PM

Shit, I wanted to be the new bassist. lol.

I'm intrigued as to how this lineup will share all of the duties now. Kinda funny, the last NIN tour involved only 4 people in the band, which left a pretty heavy load on Trent. Whereas now the band is the biggest that it has ever been, so maybe instead of being "stripped-down and raw" it will be more elegant and grandiose. Who knows.

I'm glad that Trent picked up a real high-energy lead guitarist (again) like Robin, though I wouldn't have complained if he got a wild madman Aaron North-type again. I'm still skeptical as to how Adrian will fit into the NIN spectacle live, so now he can focus on just being himself and not having to amp himself up or something to appease the fans. Leave that to Robin. I know everyone has a good part to play here and I think it's gonna work out nicely.

TRENT, as for you, since when did you move to Portland, Oregon? Because you, my fellow "TR," sure as shit look like any of the hipster musicians shuffling around Hawthorne here in Portland with those bold-rimmed "Portlander" glasses on. Next you'll go back to having a beard and wearing plaid flannel shirts... please man, stay metal.


05/17/13 8:45 PM

Come to Alaska!!!


05/18/13 5:15 AM

WOO HOO!!! ROBIN'S BACK!! (No offence meant to Adrian Belew) It will be interesting hearing and seeing both on stage! Duelling guitars!! smiling smiley (That is, if and when Australian dates are announced.)


05/18/13 5:18 AM

SO EXCITING!! Yes, Robin IS incredible! Wonderful photo.
Please include Boston area is in this tour; your HTDA show here was FANTASTIC!


05/18/13 8:07 AM

My heart just stopped beating for a second!!! YES!!!


05/18/13 1:09 PM

Knowing NiN is doing new things is always a special moment, filled with curiosity...btw, Mr. T, you look highly professional in your glasses...I'm with you there, because i see nothing at long range, without my case it's not's really worn out eyes, as I suppose it's your case, cause you seem just fine to me...great band alingment


05/18/13 1:10 PM

yes, yes, yes.


05/18/13 1:28 PM

I am so glad to hear this!!!! Great combination of new and veteren NIN memebers! The sound should be very powerful.


05/18/13 8:08 PM

My feet aren't touching the ground right now!!!!!


05/18/13 10:04 PM

Well, that's good to hear.


05/19/13 7:18 AM

Fan-freaking-tastic!!! So totally psyched that Robin is back!!! It would of felt a little hollow without him.

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