Questions for Trent - the video
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05/06/09 2:26 AM

Papagolash and Trent_Reznor sat down this evening and had a little chat over web cam.

The original high quality 1 gig file torrent. Download this 1st before doing any editing of the footage. if you see a 'torrent not existing/being deleted by mod' error, just refresh your window. This appears to be unsolved bug on Demonoid's site.

Official Vimeo streaming video

Questions for Trent interview - 277mb MOV file. (currently offline)

Here are some more methods to access it:

Streaming version (Vimeo)

the demonoid torrent of the original file
1.06 GB AVI file - original (ThePirateBay Torrent)

- - -

Smaller versions:

Megaupload MOV 277mb file
Megaupload WMV version 640x480 326mb

- - - DIGG IT!!

- - -

Thank you very much, Trent for answering our questions.

Great job, Papa smiling smiley



edit: link to the ten questions: [].
edit: added additional links to the video.
edit: another link
edit: more links and detail
edit: official vimeo link
edit: digg link

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05/06/09 2:31 AM

Not working?

Come on... I want to see Bill be a dork and mess up with questions!

(Kidding, Papa tongue sticking out smiley)

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05/06/09 2:35 AM

whoo-hoooo....awesome, thnx Papa, and thnx tr...nice of you, very for us!!


05/06/09 2:36 AM

Shitfuckdamn posted:
Not working?

Come on... I want to see Bill be a dork and mess up with questions!

(Kidding, Papa tongue sticking out smiley)

Works for me, just incredibly slow download.


05/06/09 2:40 AM

Thanks TR and Papa!


05/06/09 2:47 AM

Ahahahaha... Mussolini is in the video!


05/06/09 3:13 AM

I just sent this link to a dozen news networks, so you know it would be nice if we weren't assholes in this thread.


OK news reaction is becoming slowly badass, as far as numbers. However, as far as coverage of the rest of the stuff in the interview unsurprisingly they're glomming onto the Prince bit. Which is *sigh* oh well, but it's making Bill the most famous unfamous ninternet person yet.

It's kind of a split as to where the news is being driven/sourced by. Out of the original group that I sent shit off to TwentyFourBit broke it first. However, it looks like that separately you can thank pinkisthenewblog who reads theninhotline because second to break was pinkisthenewblog after that it just spread. It spread via retweets, messages, emails etc... etc.. so huge community thing just by watching this as well.

P.S. thanks to the fans we fucked up apple hardcore. good job!

Here's the blurb I sent off via email to the various networks while the encoding process was happening in #nin

Subject:05/04 Hour long Interview w/Trent Reznor

"This was a fan organized and conducted interview, that was prompted by Trent after the Digg interview went live to the web. There will be youtube and vimeo versions as well as mirrors shortly, but at the moment it's 3:30AM and we're a few hours out from having this all converted and uploaded. This was conducted, and organized by the user community.
The person conducting the interview is Bill (papagolash) via webcast. Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails is currently in Flordia preparing for their first show on the "Wave Goodbye" tour.


You can read more about the question selection and organization process(combative at times) here:

[] "

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05/06/09 3:17 AM

jarrettwold posted:
I just sent this link to a dozen news networks, so you know it would be nice if we weren't assholes in this thread.

you still believe in santa?


05/06/09 3:23 AM

so slooooooowwwwww.....

damn it! i just cancelled it!!!!
sad smiley


05/06/09 3:30 AM

It would be nice to watch, but as others have already pointed out the page is loading incredibly slow. Any possibilities of hosting somewhere else as well, or perhaps a YouTube version?




05/06/09 3:39 AM

Uploading to right now...

Will be updating the links on the first post, soon winking smiley



05/06/09 4:40 AM

some sort of sendspace link would be handy also, to take a bit of pressure off your server!


05/06/09 3:51 AM

icklekitty posted:
some sort of sendspace link would be handy also, to take a bit of pressure off your server!

someone is already done that grinning smiley here you go -!

more news as the options come online shortly.

like i said before, vimeo takes awhile to process. and everyone wanted to see the video now! so it's hosted on a little server til vimeo and the other options go online.

hope that makes sense!


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05/06/09 4:29 AM

yay! i just watched it .. and i'm dowloading it right now... and it's an awesome interview....thank you Trent and thank you Papa!!!


05/06/09 5:30 AM

guilty posted:
hope that makes sense!


It does, thanks!


05/06/09 5:55 AM

Downloaded and watched.
Thank you Papagolash and TR grinning smiley
Some very interesting answers.
I'm so excited to see them in Singapore now.


05/06/09 6:08 AM

Just watched vid at work. Nice grinning smiley I like your cat.
Now I need to actually "work".
Thanks to TR and Papa!


05/06/09 6:58 AM

Just watched it too, while being at work! (the things I do for NIN... tongue sticking out smiley)

It was very pleasant to see TR this cool and relaxed. Papagolash did a great job!

Thank you guys!


05/06/09 8:20 AM

Downloading now, but I have a slow connection, so it wont be ready for 2 hours or so.

Thanks so much for this Papa.

A big thanks to Trent for doing this, as well as everything else you do for the fans smiling smiley


05/06/09 8:33 AM

Fucking awesome, I'll watch it when I get home.


05/06/09 9:51 AM

this on digg so I can digg?


05/06/09 9:09 AM

I loved it. It was a very interesting interview. thumbs up


05/06/09 9:35 AM

Awesome interview. Thanks!


05/06/09 9:54 AM

I am at school so I can't download yet.
How long is it?
How is the quality?


05/06/09 10:03 AM

It's around 56 minutes long.

The quality is what you'd expect from webcams. There is some video distortion here and there which corrects itself, and I needed to crank the audio up a bit during playback.

Hopefully a transcript will get posted at some point, but it won't be immediate as it's quite a long video and a big job. Someone at ETS has started the transcript.


05/06/09 10:09 AM

That was awesome!! But goddammit, I hope it's not the end of NIN forever!


05/06/09 11:11 AM

Great interview! And I knew Trent wouldn't be able to give up on making music forever.


05/06/09 11:59 AM

I really need a transcript, im at school and i cant veiw videos

this really sucks


05/06/09 11:27 AM

I just finished watching it. Sweet! :B

Except, WAAAAAAAAAAA, all my beautiful romantic comedy suggestions were wasted! eye popping smiley *snotstrings*

*skips off to have nightmares about interviewing trent*

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05/06/09 11:29 AM

Any idea of when the video will be posted to vimeo?

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