news 9.3.09: No show tonight at Henry Fonda Theater
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09/03/09 1:35 AM

nin pr posted:
We're very sorry to announce that Trent is ill, and on his doctor's orders we will not be able to perform tonight's show at the Henry Fonda Theater. This is the only information we have at this time, we're posting this early announcement as a convenience for those of you who had plans to attend. Reimbursement details will be posted as soon as we figure them out; likely within the next 24 hours. We wish this wasn't necessary and we're very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.


09/03/09 1:36 AM

condolences to those who were going... :'(

trent, feel better soon. we love you.

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09/03/09 1:37 AM

maybe we can have one more show then? at a BIG place, so everyone gets a chance... please


09/03/09 1:38 AM

Sucks, but I really hope he gets well.


09/03/09 1:39 AM

sad smiley feel better soon Trent.


09/03/09 1:40 AM

Hope Trent gets to feeling better! smiling smiley


09/03/09 1:40 AM

Get well Trent!!!


09/03/09 1:41 AM

It's all good, brother. Take care of yourself.


09/03/09 1:42 AM

From all reports, from people who attended the NYC/Chicago shows, this particular strain of #ninfluenza has been particularly harsh sad smiley

Get well soon, boss! sad smiley Take care of yourself.



09/03/09 2:43 AM

Ah man sorry to hear that. Trent get better brother. You are awesome. I was there tonight at the palladium and you were great.


09/03/09 1:43 AM

Get Well Soon. may you find a speedy recover!


09/03/09 1:43 AM



09/03/09 1:45 AM

Saint here wishing you a fast recovery Trent!


09/03/09 1:45 AM

Get well soon Trent! Thank you for playing the Chicago 8/29 show even though you were sick, it means a lot. Get some rest and get well!

Sorry to everybody who had tickets, it's a shitty situation all around.

EDIT: Oh and I, too, am very sick with NINfluenza, sucks ass. It's pretty bad for a lot of people I'm hearing. :/ Get well!

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09/03/09 1:46 AM

Get feeling better Trent! From what I understand the ninfluenza is pretty bad.


09/03/09 1:46 AM

Hollywood palladium show was still amazing! Sucks about tomorow. Feel bad for Trent and the band. Hope the last shows work out on schedule


09/03/09 1:47 AM

My condolences to those who had tickets, it's a lose-lose situation, unfortunately.
Feel better soon, boss man sad smiley


09/03/09 1:47 AM

To paraphrase trent tonight:

Im sorry im sick and i sound like an old AM radio but were gonna rock it out anyway.

Palladium was still insane but you could really hear the strain in his voice.

Get better dude.


09/03/09 1:47 AM

Trent WAS looking a bit green about the gills tonight. From time to time you could hear him coughing. He apologized for his voice being shit, but it wasn't SHIT, he just couldn't get any power behind the lower notes.

He's a professional and NiN brought the house down anyway, but I hope he feels better soon. Being sick sucks.


09/03/09 1:49 AM

oh man, that sucks.. hope you guys get it all sorted out. feel better trent! sad smiley


09/03/09 1:50 AM

Catch some rest, feel better. smiling smiley


09/03/09 1:50 AM

ihatecrayons posted:
Oh and I, too, am very sick with NINfluenza, sucks ass. It's pretty bad for a lot of people I'm hearing. :/ Get well!

haha i've got ninfluenza from the NYC terminal 5 shows. i'm just getting over it now.. blegh.


09/03/09 1:51 AM

Maybe that's why there was no encore tonight? Still was an awesome show...


09/03/09 1:56 AM

get well soon man, you deserve a break.


09/03/09 1:57 AM

No doubt Trent will get through this real quick, he always does. Feel better my man. Saw you guys most recently at the Virgin Festival, had absolutely no idea you were sick until you mentioned it, you still rocked the shit out of that place.


09/03/09 2:01 AM

Get well soon! Condolences to all who where planning to attend, and to all who worked so hard to produce that gig.


09/03/09 2:01 AM

hope you feel better soon trent....


09/03/09 2:02 AM

Get well chief....


09/03/09 3:03 AM

Here's hoping you get well soon Trent!

I have a ticket to the Fonda show and really hope this show gets re-scheduled vs. cancelled as I don't have a ticket to the other shows.


09/03/09 2:03 AM

i cant believe i got to see the last "full-capacity" show in Chicago, i had no idea trent was sick until right now. my first (and his last) Nails show was the most incredible show i've ever seen, incomparable to any concert to date. good luck to anyone that had a ticket to the cancelled show(s).

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