Forum Guidelines

Piracy of Nine Inch Nails material

Any and all leaked material by Nine Inch Nails (NIN) that is posted without approval or permission from NIN is strictly forbidden. All posts containing links that fall under this category will be removed, as well as threats to post unofficial leaks and/or discussion of where to find pirated material. Proper action will be taken again the post author, which can include official warnings, temporary or permanent ban in addition to possible legal consequences. Leaking material this way is illegal and there will be consequences. Although it may be accepted on other forums, this behavior will not be tolerated here.

Flaming or Derogatory Insults

Do not engage in personal attacks, hurl insults, accuse posters of unfounded suspicions, stalk another member of the board, or create posts and/or threads in an effort to purposely pick a fight with another user. (Obviously, lively banter or insult-trading between consenting individuals who are not motivated by malice or an intent to willfully hurt or harm another user will not be considered acting disruptively.)

Invasion of Privacy

Do not post personal information about any other person, even if that information is publicly available*. Do not "dig up" information about any other member in this forum. Information, including personal information such as email, home and/or IP address, place of employment, birthday, etc. known to be utilized to maliciously target another user in a harassing or derogatory manner is strictly forbidden even if the information was made publicly available by the proprietary user. Any user(s) found to be using information in a destructive course either on or off the board will be subject to punishment up to and including the possibility of a permanent ban from membership.

Threats, Racism, and/or Sexism

Messages that advocate harm or death to anyone, threaten the livelihood of anyone, or otherwise harass anyone will not be tolerated. This type of behavior is unacceptable in any form, be it posted message, Private Messages (PM) or email.

Threads or replies promoting or expressing intolerant views towards any person or group of people based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, lack of religion, disability, physical characteristics, or region of residence will not be tolerated.

Spamming, Off Topic Posts and Trolling

Spamming or business advertisements via posts in threads, Private Messages (PM) or email are not allowed. Off-topic posts are frowned upon and may be moved or removed based on moderator discretion. This is not meant to limit sensible tangents in the conversation but rather to remove posts that have nothing to do with the topic at all or are disruptive. Threads or PMs determined to be "spam" may be deleted and may result in privileges to the site restricted or denied without notice. "Trolling", or making posts designed only to stir up trouble or flame other users is against the forum guidelines. All users can report offending posts by clicking on the 'Report' button found in the lower right-hand corner of the offending post.

Duplicate Topics / Posting in Appropriate Forums

Please post your topics in the most appropriate forum (i.e., NIN trading discussion only in the NIN . Trading Post forum). Avoid posting duplicate topics that already have discussion threads by skimming existing threads. Moderators may use their discretion to lock or merge duplicate threads. A message post or PM may be sent to the originator of the threads in question, alerting them to the merge, where the topic can be found, and the reason for its merge after the action has been taken. Merged threads may have their titles changed in an effort to incorporate or best express the newly merged content.

Impersonation of others

You may not impersonate any person in the community, including any member of Nine Inch Nails.

Posting Harmful URLs

Posting harmful and/or malicious URL links (i.e., ones that may lock up a user's computer) is not allowed.

Avatars or Signatures

For the benefit of all NIN forum users, please ensure that your signature is not excessively long, and is free of large images. Both avatars and signatures should not contain material that is pornographic.

Porn / Explicit Material

Please refrain from posting pornographic material or images of extreme violence in your avatar and signature.

This rule applies also to fan fiction and artwork that features a member of NIN, an employee of NIN, another member, or anyone in a sexual or intrusive way or nude without their express consent.

There are plenty of other sites that welcome creative work of this kind. Please don't post it here out of respect for NIN.

Illegal material will result in a ban.